Supremacy battleship
Thanks to the hard work of one skilled fan and some Wikia engineers, you can now take a Supremacy Battleship from Sid Meier's Starships for a spin - literally. You can literally spin the ship around

The interactive ship viewer (Supremacy) is great because you can really see how Affinity directs humanity's technological advancement in the Civilization: Beyond Earth universe. The slick metallic finish of this Battleship intimates, at a glance, the ideals of Supremacy and how its followers adopt cybernetic implants and technology as a means of evolutionary advancement. Kudos to the talented folks at Firaxis Games responsible for creating such a pronounced visual aesthetic.

For more information on Affinities and how they've changed from Beyond Earth to Starships, check out this collaborative blog post written by both the team behind Beyond Earth and the group behind Starships.

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