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    Domination setting should give you victory when you eliminated all of the enemy cities. To have them no longer listed in the diplomacy menu, showing all their cities are gone now, but they still in the game because they have worker units moving about the ocean somewhere, is ridiculous. Impossible to find them all.

    Ability to select what worker units on automation can and can not do.

    And all the other things I mentioned elsewhere already. Bah. Raining too hard now, so got to turn off my computer, since lightning kills computers when you live atop a hill.

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  • Dream Focus

    I thought I'd try the Very Hard setting, having beaten every difficulty level before it easily enough. The only one left after says Impossible Hard, so I assumed maybe it was impossible. Anyway, the AI doesn't expand too quickly. Maybe the negative health thing bothers them, so the AI avoids doing that. Even if your health is in the red, you are still better off by having more bases everywhere.

    I learned that using covert operators to Recruit Defectors, gives you not just one new unit, but several at once. So good way to build up your army.

    I was once again able to get spy headquarters far sooner than any AI. I'm surprised that even when I had agents in headquarters to increase the chances of success, and with no one having any counter…

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  • Dream Focus

    The option to play how I want to play it, turning off aspects I don't want in the game, such as spies.

    Elimination of vague things the AI leaders say at times.

    If I catch and kill a spy, and contact them about it, then they shouldn't call me first thing next turn to complain about me killing their spy and commenting on how hard expensive they are to train.

    On some tiles, miasma is hard to see. Maybe most people have a bigger monitor than me with higher definition, I don't know.

    There should be a way to name the leader and my cities as I see fit. Giving them foreign names I can't pronounce or remember, makes it hard to keep track of which is which.

    Don't ever show the Next Turn thing, until every single unit that has a move left has moved. I …

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  • Dream Focus

    Civilization: Beyond Earth has been out a week now, and this Wikia reports that this week it has 1.6 million views, 1,332 edits, and 45 new "Photos". They aren't photographs, they are screenshots and game graphics, but whatever. Thank you all for editing, and I hope work continues on the articles for this great game. It starts off slow, but once you understand what's going on, and get into it, it really does become an enjoyable game. Dream Focus 03:03, November 2, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Dream Focus

    various games

    September 6, 2014 by Dream Focus

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing Alpha Centauri when it first came out, and again at times over the years. I even made a wikia for just that game years ago, and then recently merged it with this wikia after being told this would be the official wikia for the new game. I am really looking forward to Beyond Earth, the videos I see of gameplay, and information I read about it, making it seem rather desirable to play. Dream Focus 02:59, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

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