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The Regime is a group of individuals now forming a Civilisation in Civilisation 6. They are led by either:

- Henrikh DeFirenze, under whom their default colours are red and grey

- Dani Luciana, under whom their default colours are red and gold

- Riker Sane, under whom their default colours are red red and white

The Regime's civilisation ability is Bloodied Path, giving the capital an instant production gain equal to 50% of a defeated enemy unit's combat strength. Their unique unit is the Reacher, (which replaces the Scout), and the Caliset (which replaces the Encampment). If playing as Henrikh DeFirenze, they get the Outpost unique improvement. If playing as Dani Luciana, they get the Depleter unique unit (which replaces the Swordsman). If playing as Riker Sane, they get the Corrodo unique building (which replaces the Corrodo).


Starting bias:

  • Tier 2 towards Iron, if playing as Dani Luciana
  • Tier 3 towards Hills, Tier 5 towards Iron if playing as Henrikh DeFirenze
  • Tier 3 towards Rivers, Tier 5 towards World Wonders, if playing as Riker Sane
  • Tier 3 towards Barbarian Outposts

The Regime is a special oriented civilisation. Their ability allows them to make use of combat in getting set up, and their special abilities allow them to head towards their designated victories in the late game.

Bloodied Path

Production is what helps a city produce. With the starting bias towards a nearby Barbarian Outpost, they gain the ability to make use of this through the potentially infinite enemies coming from the outposts, especially if playing with Barbarian Clans, which require a clan to be manually dispersed instead of automatically.

In the late game, this helps towards projects, districts and units, but by now barbarians will be scarce, if they're in game at all. To remedy this, you'd need to declare war, either on a city state or another civilisation. Even then, this requires you to declare war on a weaker civilisation, or you cannot make use of the ability.