Civilization Wiki

I figure we compile this now, when our memories of the old site are fresh. I want to make sure we get everything down, no matter now minor. Please add to this list in the comments

  • The both source and visual editors have changed
  • The article table class now has borders
  • The search on the top bar is all wikis by default, and gives you the option of choosing between the two.
  • The recent activity box on the front page doesn't work.
  • The community posts box to on the front page isn't correctly formatted.
  • When the front page is loaded, the Civ VI, tab is selected, but I also see the Civ V, CivBE, and Other game tabs. When I click a tab, that is fixed.

Additional findings.

  • Special:MultipleUpload No longer exists
  • There seems to be a bottom navbar (at least for admins)
  • The user screen looks a little different. I guess I am still classified as an admin, But I guess that ranking has been changed to "Sysop"
  • New admin dashboard options
  • Critical!! - Templates like SurePageIcon5 do not show text link on mobile sites
    • The problem seems to only be with SurePageicon5. Everything else shows up in mobile. See: [1]
  • Community posts aren't updating with blog posts from admins
  • Not all images are showing up in infoboxes. See Fish (Civ5) -
    • Replacing the pageimage template with PortableInfoboxPageImage seems to fix the problem, but not all infoboxes with the pageimage template are broken.

Suggested link formatting needs modification

  • Suggested link formatting needs modification. (See image to the right)
  • Thumbnails need to have correct color within preview (see image to the right again).