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there are exactly three things, I remember from these days, when I got my first copy of Civ I:

  1. it was the first program I kinda "hacked", since I looked with a HEX-editor inside all game-files (I think it was that one from PC DOS respectively PC TOOLS), and figured, most interesting files were all text-files, and so I wrote completely new opening credits and many of the ingame texts, where I mentioned me, my best friends, the girl I had a crush on (unfortunately I kinda have still that crush on her :/ ) .... bitter-sweet memories ...
  2. since the idea of this game was so new to me (and the world), I often asked this best friend of these days, what to do now in this game ... then he mostly raised his eyebrow and said: do what you want, I don't know what to do better than you ... and this confused me completely, since he got this game a complete week earlier and so he had exactly to know what to do, to win it :) ... at this time I couldn't imagine a game, where are no fixed rules to win (o.k., there are rules, but more of the general kind, and not where to move the first settler or so)
  3. when I got my first job after I finished my engineering studies, I took that copy of Civ I with me, installed it immediately on my workplace computer (which was a really powerful machine with a gigantic 80MB harddrive), and played it over several nights, then drove home when the sun shows up to take a quick shower and went back to work ... yeah, sweet memories :)