Calling all exo-planetary colonists! Now that we've all had a few months to delve into Beyond Earth's alien landscapes, we think it's high time to reflect on our favorite aspects of the game. What's your favorite Affinity? How about your favorite Alien? The choice is yours. To vote, click on the image you're wanting to vote for, and once you do you'll see the latest numbers for each item - have fun!

UPDATE: Your votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen. Thank you for all of your votes!

Best Affinity

Sup winner

Best Victory Type

Dom winner

Best Unit

LEV Destroyer

Best Mod (So Far)

Planetcarver winner
True Terraforming

Best Sponsor

PAC winner
Pan-Asian Cooperative (PAC)

Best Alien Species

Siegeworm winner
Siege Worm

Best Orbital Unit

Planetcarver winner
Planet Carver

Best Planetary Wonder

Mindflower winner
Mind Flower

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