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There are a lot of civ 6 mods from Steam, let me tell you the popular ones.

Indonesia, Borobudur: Your trade routes to foreign cities earn +1 Faith for each luxury resource in destination city. Each Plantation with 6 tiles yields +1 Faith. 1 Apostle and 1 Guru appear. Must have founded a Religion and requires Temple Building. Must be built on Rainforest. Available at Naval Tradition Civic. Link:

Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle: Any City with Medieval or Renaissance Walls yields + 2 Culture, + 2 Gold, +1 Amenities (shows as from Civics). Provides +2 Culture, +2 Gold and +3 Great Musician Points itself as well as 2 Great Work of Music slots. Must be built on Hills terrain next to a Mountain. Available with Opera and Ballet Civic. Link:

UAE, Burj Khalifa: Awards +3 Oil. Oil Wells, Oil Rigs and Mines within 9 tiles yield +2 Culture. +15% Gold in this city. +1 Trade Route. Itself it produces +2 Gold and +4 Great Engineer Points. Must be built on a flat Desert tile. Available with Plastics Technology. Link:

Afghanistan, Buddhas of Bamyan: +1 Faith yield for every International Trade Route. Other Civilizations' Trade Routes to this Player grants both the Player +1 Faith and other Civilization +1 Faith. Farms and Pastures within 6 tiles yield +1 Faith. Provides 2 Relic Slots and grants 1 Free Relic. Available with Currency Technology. Link:

Japan, Itsukushima Shrine: Grants Standard Adjacency (+1 Faith) to Holy Site from Coast and Minor Adjacency (+0.5 Culture) to Theatre Square from Coast. Grants a free Monument to City. Adds +1 Appeal to tiles in City. Must be built on Coast. Available with Sailing Technology. Link:

Credits to Deliverator

Civs Mods on Steam

Credits to Sukritact

Credits to Albro

Siam: Unique Ability: Sri Ayutthaya - Cities founded next to a River gain +2 Housing, +1 Amenity. Specialty Districts next to a River provide +1Food. Receive an additional Envoy from Civics that provide Envoys. Unique Unit: Chang Suek - Siamese unique Medieval era unit that replaces the Knight. Stronger, but slower and more expensive than the Knight. Adjacent units gain double experience from battles. Unique District: Floating Market - A district unique to Siam for finance and trade. Replaces the Commercial Hub district. +1 Culture, +1 Gold from Luxury Resources worked by this City. An additional +1 Gold from Luxury Resources if this district was built on Floodplains. Cannot be built on Hills. Link:

Burma: Unique Ability: Ahmudan Conscription - Gain Culture and Faith on building Encampments, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares. These districts provide +5% Production towards melee, anti-cavalry, and cavalry units in the cities they are built. Unique Unit: Myinsi - Burmese unique Renaissance era heavy cavalry unit. +3 Combat Strength while it is occupying or is adjacent to a district, and an additional +3 if that district is a City Center or an Encampment. Unique Improvement: Paya - Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Paya, unique to Burma. +1 Culture, +1 Production. +1 Culture if adjacent to a Farm. Newly trained land units in the city gain +1 Combat Strength for each Paya. Can only be built on Grassland, Grassland Hills, Plains, or Plains Hills. Cannot be built next to another Paya. Link:

Iceland: Unique Ability: Sagas of the Icelanders - Historic Moments provide Great Writer Points. Natural Wonders, Volcanoes, and Geothermal Fissures provide +1 Appeal to adjacent tiles, and these features each provide +1 Amenity if at least one is present in the city. Unique Unit: Lawspeaker - A special type of Great Person only available to Iceland. Their abilities augment your Great Works of Writing. Earn a Lawspeaker on constructing the Government Plaza or any of its buildings; adopting a Government from a new tier for the first time; and when you are first to adopt a Government from any tier. Unique District: Torfbæir - A district unique to Iceland replacing the Aqueduct district. Instead of the Aqueduct's usual restrictions and bonuses, Torfbæir provide +3 Housing, +1 Food and +1 Production. This increases to +4 , +2, +2, on Charming tiles, or to +5, +3, +3 on Breathtaking tiles. Torfbæir cannot be built on Desert tiles. Link:

Swahili: Unique Ability: Coral Construction - Districts in coastal Cities receive a Major adjacency bonus from the City Center, and a standard bonus from being adjacent to a Harbor. International Trade Routes provide +1 Gold per Fishing Boat in the origin city. +2 Production from Reefs. Unique Unit: Jahazi - Swahili unique Medieval era support unit. When adjacent to a Jahazi, features on a water tile provide +2 Culture, and Fishing Boats provide +2 Gold. Features on water tiles adjacent to a Jahazi provide +2 Tourism after researching Conservation. If the Jahazi is in friendly territory, your Naval units within 2 tiles heal +20 HP per turn. Unique Building: Pillar Tomb - A building unique to the Swahili. It is cheaper than the Monument which it replaces. +1 Gold per turn in this city each time a Great Person is expended within one tile of this building (Capped at +10 ). Link:

Tibet: Unique Ability: Roof of the World - Citizens may work Mountain tiles. Mountain tiles receive yields from districts within 2 tiles: +2 Food from City Centres, and +1 of the appropriate yield from other districts. May purchase buildings with Faith in specialty districts next to Mountains. Cities with an established Governor receive +5% Faith for each promotion that Governor has. Unique Unit: Rta Pa - Tibetan unique Renaissance era ranged cavalry unit. Has a a Range of 1, but can move after attacking. No Movement penalty in hill terrain. Unlocks with Astronomy. Unique District: Dzong - Tibetan unique district replacing the Holy Site district. Cheaper to build. Awards +1 Governor Title when built adjacent to at least 4 Mountains. Buildings in the Dzong district are 20% cheaper to purchase with Gold and Faith. Occupying unit receives +10 Defense Strength. Must be built on a Hill. Link:

Civ 6 Natural Wonder Mods

Terra Mirabilis: Barringer Crater, Cerro de Potosi, Grand Mesa, Mt. Kailash, Krakatoa, Lake Victoria, Lakes of Ounianga, Motlatse Canyon, Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls), Namib Sand Sea, Old Faithful Rock of Gibraltar, Salar de Uyuni, Mt. Sinai, Sri Pada, Vredefort Dome, Wulingyuan, Bioluminescent Bay, Dallol ,Lencois Maranhenses. Those are the natural wonders in these mod. Link:

Ngorongoro Crater {Tanzania}: Three tile natural wonder. Provides +2 Food, +2 Science. Adjacent tiles with Charming Appeal or better receive +1 Gold, +1 Science while unimproved, or +1 Culture when improved. Link:

Mount Fiji {Japan}: One tile impassable natural wonder. It appears as a Volcano. Districts built in adjacent tiles provide an additional +2 Great Person points of their type, increasing to +4 if the district is on Volcanic Soil. On eruption it gives low yields and is most likely to damage buildings and districts. Infrequently erupts, but is always active. Link:

Grand Canyon {USA}: Three tile impassable natural wonder. Provides +1 Food, +1 Culture to adjacent tiles. After the game reaches the Industrial Era, Cities gain +4 Tourism for each tile of the Grand Canyon they own. Acts as a source of Fresh Water. Link:

Tonlé Sap {Cambodia}: Two tile natural wonder. It appears as a Lake and provides +3 Food, +2 Production, and Fresh Water. Builders that move next to Tonlé Sap receive an additional charge. Link:

Scenarios: Relive World Wars: These are all the civs: Germany: Wilhelm II Adolf Hitler (JFD), United States: Teddy Roosevelt Woodrow Wilson Franklin D. Roosevelt (JFD), United Kingdom: George V Winston Churchill (JFD), Russia: Nikolai II (JFD) USSR (JFD): Joseph Stalin (JFD), Japan: Taisho Tenno Hideki Tojo (JFD), France: Georges Clemanceau (JFD) Charles DeGaulle (JFD), Italy: Victor Emmanuel III Benito Mussolini (JFD), Spain: Alfonso XIII Franciso Franco, China: Yuan Shikai Republic of China: Chiang Kai-Sek Mao Zedong, Norway: Haakon VII, Brazil: Pedro II Getulio Vargas (Leugi), Canada (JFD): Mackenzie King (JFD), Finland (Toussaint) Mannerheim (Toussaint), Republic of Poland: Jozef Pilsudski (JFD), Austria-Hungary: Franz Joseph, Ottoman Empire: Mehmed V (JFD). Link:

South America Independence: Pick between Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, or Peru and try your best to achieve victory in this South American post-independence scenario. The scenario is a South America huge map with several cities already settled, natural wonders, and frontiers compatible with the political scenario of the XIX century. This scenario is historical, it is meant to be unbalanced. Link:

Colonization of the New World: Civs: England, France, Spain, America, The Aztecs, Brazil, The Maya, Gran Colombia, Portugal. Scenario Conditions: 175 turns. Medieval Era start. No Domination, Science, Religious or Culture win. Instead there is a scenario specific victory: Eco victory: Build 20 Sanctuaries. Score victory: 100 victory points (VP) for making a national park. 10 VP for every tile of natural environment (unimproved rain forest, forest and marsh) in your empire. 50VP for building a Preserve district. Time defeat. Scenario Rules: 4 Religions max. Naturalists can build 2 national parks. Extra policy: National Monuments at Conservationism which gives +2 Appeal to tiles for cities with a National Park (stacks with Teddy's trait). La Venta's Colossal Head can be built on rain forest. Rough Rider can build parks (like Canada's Mountie) but require horse. Conquistadors can settle cities. Feitorias grant 500 gold. Maya's bonus extends 9 tiles from capital instead of 6. Chateau provides defence. Conservation inspiration swapped with Combustion eureka. Link:

Civ 6 City States:

Kyiv {Ukraine}: City-State Trait: Nuclear Plants are built 50% faster. Provides you with 2 free Uranium Resources. City-State Type: Industrial. Link:

Lagos {Nigeria}: City-State Trait: +3 Food per turn from each foreign Trade Route passing through your cities. City-State Type: Trade. Link:

Honolulu {USA}: City-State Trait: Coastal Cities get +2 Amenities. +2 Gold and +2 Culture from Seaside Resorts. City-State Type: Cultural. Link:

Birnink {Alaska}: City-State Trait: Your cities with an Ice Tile receive +4 Science. With at least 2 Ice Tiles, your cities get +4 Food. City-State Type: Scientific. Link:

Troy {Greece}: City-State Trait: When you built a Encampment District, gain a free Heavy Chariot. Gain a free Galley when you build a Harbor District. City-State Type: Militaristic. Link:

Kathmandu {Persia}: City-State Trait: Happy cities get +5% Faith and Ecstatic Cities get +15% Faith. City-State Type: Religious. Link:

Civ 6 Maps Mods:

XXL Earth: A new XXL (160*80) true-start Earth map with real-world resource locations and all natural wonders! Link:

YNAMP: Enormous (128x80 = civ5 huge), Giant (180x94) and Ludicrous (200x100) map sizes for all map scripts, Allows to set game with 63 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen, Giant Earth (180x94): a conversion of Genghis Kai's GEM (Hormigas version), Play Europe Again (108x98): a conversion of NiRv4n4's Europe (Hormigas version), Greatest Earth Map (104x64) : a conversion of djvandyke's map with large upscale of some regions, Terra Map : a script producing a map with a "New World" and "Old World", City Map (True location corresponding city names option) for Play Europe Again and Giant Earth (W.I.P.) Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps script, True Starting Locations for the Real World maps. Link:

True Start Location Africa: REQUIRES Gedemon's Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack. A map of Africa and the Near East with historical starting positions. Created with Zobtzler's "Yet (not) Another Bit Map Converter" Civ 6 Map Maker, True start locations for: Arabia, Babylon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kongo, Mali, Persia, Phoenicia, Nubia, Sumeria, Zulu, & City-States. Link:

Oddball Civ 6 mods:

Civitas Resources: Camp: Penguins (Luxury): +1 Science. Mine: Opal (Luxury): +3 Gold. Plantation: Maple (Luxury): +1 Gold, +1 Food, Papyrus (Luxury): +1 Science, Plums (Luxury): +1 Culture, +1 Food, Pomegranates (Luxury): +1 Faith, +1 Food. Link:

Wat Arun {Wonder}:+2 Housing in cities adjacent to Rivers. +2 Food in districts adjacent to Wat Arun. Must be built next to a river. Link:

Sarajevo {Bosnia and Herzegovina}: City-State Trait: Civilizations with a different government from that of the suzerain can not declare a Surprise War. City-State Type: Militaristic. Link:

Germany: Leader Trait:

Kulturkampf: Encampment district buildings provide Culture equivalent to their Production output. +10% culture for cities with garrison units. Build the Ruhr Valley +50% faster. Agenda: Iron Chancellor: Never gives up items in a peace deal, and likes civilizations who do the same. Dislikes civlizations who have capitulated or who have never gone to war. The capital city is Berlin. Link:

Arecibo Observatory: Mountain tiles provide an additional Standard adjacency bonus to Campus districts in all cities. Awards 1 randomly-chosen technology. Receive a boost to a random technology for every Space Race project completed. Must be built on Rainforest, +4 Science,+2 Great Scientist Points. Link:

City Lights: Urban cities are designed to be mid and late game powerhouses in terms of yield generation (Science, Culture, Production, Gold, Faith) that focus on district adjacencies and specialist yields; but they will require a large amount of support and resources to get there. Rural Cities function more or less the exact opposite of Urban cities, they are entirely tile based! Though Rural specialized cities are crucial for supporting Urban cities, they are not simply JUST there for support. You may find yourself leaning more urban, or more rural in a certain playthrough, with different win conditions (and civs) leaning toward each of the two. Link:

CN Tower: Grants a Broadcast Center building in every city with a Museum. Buildings in the Entertainment Complex district gain +4 Range and +2 Culture for regional effects in this city. Must be built adjacent to an Entertainment Complex district owned by this city. Link:

Oceans: Oceans is a brand new Game Mode that will breathe new life into the world’s coasts, with new resources, new features, and new gameplay.

Kelp Forests teem the seas, encouraging growth and slowing navies. New resources, such as Seals, Squid, and Coral, now lie waiting beneath the depths, adding more variety.
Coastal Luxuries are now different for every continent, so new oceans will yield new riches. Improvements and Districts, such as the Fishery and the Water Park are adjusted to account for these changes.
The new Kelp Forest terrain feature now grows in coastal waters next to land, but will never appear next to Reefs. While they are extra rich in Food, their thick fronds will slow down passing units.
Kelp Forests are more likely to grow in cooler regions, though they can appear in all climates.
Oceans adds 2 new Bonus Resources and 3 new Luxury Resources, with more to come!
Additionally, placement of Luxury resources has been reworked. Each continent is now assigned two different coastal luxuries to spawn, meaning that the shores of faraway lands will no longer resemble your own. Seals: Bonus Resource; +1 Production; spawns on Coast or Kelp. Squid: Bonus Resource; +1 Food, +1 Gold; spawns on Coast, Kelp, or Reef, less common. Caviar: Luxury Resource; +3 Gold; only spawns in Lakes. Coral: Luxury Resource; +1 Faith; only spawns on Reefs. Lobsters: Luxury Resource; +1 Science; spawns on Coast, Kelp, or Reef. Please be aware that a continent may be assigned a resource that has already been assigned to a different continent. This is especially true on bigger map sizes. Fishery Changes: A Governor unique improvement that can be built in a city with a Surveyor Governor with the Aquaculture promotion. This tile cannot be worked. Fishing Boats adjacent to one or more Fisheries yield +2 Food; and another +1 Production while Liang is established in this city. +1 Housing. Must be placed on a Coast or Lake tile adjacent to a sea resource. Water Park Changes: Water Park: If built adjacent to a Kelp Forest +1 Amenity. Ferris Wheel: No Changes. Aquarium: +1 Science to each Reef, Kelp Forest, or Shipwreck tile in this city. An additional +1 Science to them if they are adjacent to the Water Park. (instead of current bonuses). Aquatics Center: Receives + 2 Tourism for each adjacent coastal feature. (instead of current bonuses) Link:

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