Civilization Wiki

A while back it was agreed upon that scenario articles that would overlap with the base game articles would be named "<item> (Civ6)/<scenario>", so, for example, "Teutonic Knight (Civ6)/Jadwiga's Legacy", as Teutonic Knight (Civ6) already exists in the base base game. Now, I propose that we change all scenario articles to follow the common "<item> (Civ6)/<scenario>" format.

Furthermore, scenario items should not appear in the same categories as base game items. It's currently very confusing to see, say, Aliens (Civ6) and Zombies (Civ6) included in Category:Civilizations (Civ6). I propose the relevant templates be modified so that they add the scenario articles into categories such as "Category:Civilizations (<scenario name>) (Civ6)", so, for example, Category:Civilizations (Red Death) (Civ6).

I find the scenario pages should be kept separate from the base game content just as Civ5 content is kept separate from Civ6 content, etc.

Any comments?