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Game Info[]

Special project. Triggers a Cultural Victory!

This wonder cannot be constructed in Brave New World, in which the conditions for achieving a Cultural Victory have changed.


Constructing the Utopia Project immediately ends the game, giving its creator a Cultural Victory! So, keep an eye out for any civilizations that start constructing it (there will be a world message similar to the one you get when they finish the Manhattan Project or Apollo Program), and try to eliminate them or achieve victory before they do. Though you may not have enough time to react...

Civilopedia entry[]

The Utopia Project is the name for a somewhat amorphous vision of the future of the world. Depending upon who is doing the envisioning, it may include nuclear disarmament, universal peace, or a one-world government. Its proponents hope that it will stop nations and people from killing each other so often, increase the prosperity of everybody, and allow the world to address some growing global problems like climate change and international terrorism. Its opponents see the Utopia Project as a polite name for American (or now Chinese) hegemony.