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The Vampire Castle is a special tile improvement in Civilization VI. It is built by the Vampire unit and is exclusive to the Sanguine Pact secret society in the Secret Societies game mode, introduced in the Ethiopia Pack. It can be built on any featureless land tile in your own or neutral territory.

  • Effects:
    • Duplicates yields from adjacent tiles and adds them to its own. These yields are provided directly to the Capital Capital.
    • If placed next to a District District, the Vampire Castle will receive the yields equal to those generated by 1 Specialist in that District District.
    • Occupying unit receives +4 Strength Defense Strength and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification (+6 Strength Defense Strength).
    • Allows the ability to teleport land units between them (with Endless Night).
  • Restrictions:

In the Zombie Defense game mode, the Vampire Castle deals minor (10 HP) damage to hostile units passing through it.


Besides functioning like all other Fort-type improvements, a Vampire Castle also serves two additional purposes: an economic purpose for the Capital Capital and a safe haven to which your Vampires can retreat without having to go all the way back to the Capital Capital.

  • The economic purpose is pretty simple to use effectively. Whenever a Vampire Castle is put down, it will add up the yields of its tile and the six tiles adjacent to it, then transfer those yields back to the Capital Capital. This includes yields generated from a City Center. If placed next to a District District, the Vampire Castle will receive the yields equal to those generated by 1 Specialist in that District District. For example, a castle next to an Encampment will receive 2 Gold Gold and 1 Production Production, and an extra 2 Gold Gold and 1 Food Food if next to a Harbor. These yields stay the same whether you actually assign a Specialist, or assign more than one. The yields on the Vampire Castle's tile will not be updated if the yields of the adjacent tiles change over time - you will need to remove the castle with a Vampire, Builder, or Military Engineer and have a Vampire rebuild it in order for it to have new yield values. As lucrative as it sounds, Vampire Castles cannot be built on Volcanic Soil or Floodplains, but you can build them next to these tiles to leverage their high yields. Similar to other Fort-like improvements, removable features like Rainforests, Woods, and Marshes have to be cleared before the Vampire Castle can be placed.
  • A Vampire Castle also works as a place for Vampires to retreat back to when their HP is brought down to 1. Remember that you don't want to put it so far from the battlefield that your Vampires have to waste several turns marching back to the front lines, but you also don't want to put it so close that the castle can be spotted and ambushed by enemies either. Each Vampire can retreat only once per turn and can be killed when standing on a Vampire Castle.

Note that the Vampire Castle's tile itself is not workable. Any cities within a 3-tile range of the castle will not be able to work the tile, as it belongs to the Capital Capital.

The number of Vampire Castles you can build is always equal to the number of Build charges (Civ6).png build charges each and every Vampire of yours has. If one Vampire puts down a Vampire Castle, every Vampire will lose one Build charges (Civ6).png build charge; if a Vampire Castle gets removed, all Vampires will regain a Build charges (Civ6).png build charge. If a Vampire Castle is pillaged but not removed, every Vampire will regain a Build charges (Civ6).png build charge that they can use to place a Vampire Castle anywhere else. However, if they choose to do so, the pillaged castle cannot be repaired anymore.

When combined with the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, you can use a Vampire Castle to get an easy +4 Food Food, +10 Production Production, and +3 Gold Gold, or even more if you plan your Industries well.

Also, in the Apocalypse game mode, this tile improvement goes exceptionally well with the Great Bath + Soothsayer strategy. Settle quickly and immediately try to research Pottery to unlock the Great Bath. With a little bit of luck with your spawn location, you may finish the Great Bath in time even on a high difficulty level. After that, focus on cranking out Soothsayers and participating in the Appease the Gods competition. For every Soothsayer charge, the Floodplains tiles in your city will gain 1 Faith Faith each, and this can be done infinitely. This amount of Faith Faith can be further amplified by building Vampire Castles near those Floodplains tiles. This strategy/exploit works with any civilization but it can be used best by Qin Shi Huang (since he can reliably construct the Great Bath on even the highest difficulty levels), and Ethiopia (since they benefit the most from high Faith Faith). It technically can work well with Egypt since they also have an easier time building the Great Bath, but since Egyptian infrastructure is already immune to Flood damage, this is kind of redundant.

Civilopedia entry[]

Stoker’s Dracula lived alone – undead brides aside - in a castle in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania. When Jonathan Harker comes to conduct his business with the Count, Dracula must dress up as his own coachman, cook Harker’s meals, and, of course, make sure Harker stays locked in his room. From the balcony overlooking the Transylvanian forests, the Count broods over his past and future conquests. The inspiration for Dracula’s castle is today popularly attributed to Bran Castle in Romania, although neither Stoker nor Dracula’s supposedly real-world counterpart Vlad Tepes had anything to do with the place, instead, the castle was selected by the Romanian government as the place most evocative of the Count’s home. It remains, though, the quintessential vampire’s castle: a brooding structure on a cliff overlooking a dark forest where wolves still prowl.


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R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.