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To a win a game of Civilization IV: Colonization, you must accumulate enough Liberty Bells to declare independence from Europe and then withstand the resulting onslaught of European troops. This concept explains how to earn enough Liberty Bells to begin your revolution and how to win it once it has begun.


To start a revolution - and win the game - you must have an overall Liberty Bell percentage of at least 50%. Your colony's current Liberty Bell percentage can be seen on the Revolution Advisor screen [F3].

Once you have earned enough Liberty Bells, you may declare revolution by going to the Revolution Screen and pressing the "Start Revolution" button. Prior to throwing off the chains of oppression, however, you should be sure to take a look at the bottom of the Revolution screen. There you can see exactly what you will be up against. On the right are listed all the Royal Expeditionary Forces that will attack as soon as you begin your Revolution. On the left are your forces. Once every last land unit of the Royal Expeditionary Force is destroyed (you do not need to defeat the whole of the European navy) you will have won the game! However, if the Royal Expeditionary Force captures all your settlements or another colony succeeds in its own revolution, you will lose the game. Players can also win by having the highest score at the end of 300 turns. This can be a risky endeavor, because if another player succeeds in declaring independence before 300 turns are up, they win.


As soon you start your Revolution, you will be given the option of writing your Constitution. By writing your Constitution, you can choose what freedoms your new country will allow - or take away - from your citizens. You will be able to choose one option out of each of five categories: Slavery, Arms Control, Succession, Separation of Church and State, and Rights of the Natives. Each choice you make will provide a significant bonus to your newly founded colony.

Issue Stances
Slavery All Men are Free
+2 Population per Settlement
+25% to all resource gathering
Elections Elections
+100% Founding Father point rate
Can continue Trade with Europe
Natives Native Rights
Strengthens Relations with the Natives
Manifest Destiny
+50% vs. Natives
Colony borders dominate Native borders
Religion Separation of Church and State
Converts Immigration Crosses into Liberty Bells
Converts Immigration Crosses into Production
Land Security Right to Bear Arms
+1 Strength for Colonist
Controlled Arms
+50% Liberty Bells for all Settlements
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