Civilization: Beyond Earth has five unique victory types. Unlike in previous Civilization games, the paths to victory are part narrative. Because Civilization: Beyond Earth takes place in the future, the developers made each victory path come with various Quests to help tell the narrative. These are mini goals towards winning the game, and help the player learn play styles, or offer choices towards Affinities.

When setting up a new game, you can select Advance Options and decide which type of victories to allow or disable.


Domination VC.jpg

The classic Civilization victory. To win a Domination victory, one must be the last player controlling his capital. Each time someone loses his first city, the others are a step closer to the victory. Paradoxically, it is possible to achieve Domination without one single fight - waiting for others to conquer capitals of each other.

No matter if game tells the player he has new capital, it is the first established city, that counts, so it is advised to protect it well, especially if neighbors are aggressive.

When setting up a new game, the Advance Settings menu allows you to decide if domination victory includes just capturing the capitals, or if you have to eliminate all cities and enemy units in the game.


Contact VC.jpg

The goal of this victory is to establish contact with a superior alien race. Throughout a play session, the player will find clues to sentient alien life. By completing quests, or developing certain technologies, the player will unlock the means of decoding an alien Signal, and then use it to contact its authors. itself is an homage to Carl Sagan book of the same name.

The first thing to do is find the Progenitor Signal. To get this you must achieve two of the following:


  • Decode the progenitor signal by building the Decode Signal National wonder.
  • Build the Contact Beacon wonder.
  • Activate the Contact Beacon with 1000 Energy Energy
  • Wait for 20-30 Turns for the arrival depending on energy income.

Promised Land (Purity Purity

Promised Land VC.jpg

This victory is achieved within the Purity Affinity and consists in organizing a colonization wave of Earthling survivors. The player must launch a Lasercom Satellite to establish contact, and build an Exodus Gate (wonder) back to Earth. The next goal is to summon and settle 20 colonists on the new planet. The player will need to protect them from other factions, as well as find space for them to settle. This, in part, is where the challenge lies because the Colonists arrive late game, when free land is most scarce. This perspective involves the Purists' idea of creating a new Earth, where old Earthlings can migrate and use as their new home or 'Promised Land'.

  • Research Orbital Networks and build a Lasercom Satellite to reestablish communication with Earth.
  • Achieve Purity Purity level 13, research Nanotechnology, and build the Exodus Gate planetary wonder.
  • Summon Colonists from Earth via the Exodus Gate and settle them. Each Colonist can either create a new settlement or settle in an existing Earthling settlement (each such settlement can have a maximum of 6 population). To win you must have 20 total population in all Earthling Settlements. Settlements can be destroyed and cannot be created within 3 tiles of any other city; they can however be created on your territory.
  • Note: Colonist can only move one tile per turn (two at sea). This makes it imperative to build a Magrail network to the places where you plan to establish the earthling colonies, or else the settlers will take forever to move! Only one Colonist Unit can be summoned each turn at the Exodus Gate. The new settlements take no extra land and cannot be interacted with as Minor Powers. Units can be garrisoned in the settlements for protection.

Here's a full video on this victory:


How To Win a Purity Victory - Civilization Beyond Earth

Transcendence (Harmony Harmony

Transcendence VC.jpg

The player builds the Mind Flower and must protect it until victory is met. By building the Mind Flower, humans begin to connect with and awaken the consciousness of the planet.

Here's a full video on this victory:


How To Win a Harmony Victory - Civilization Beyond Earth

Emancipation (Supremacy Supremacy)

Emancipation VC.jpg

This victory is achieved with the Supremacy affinity, and consists in returning to Earth and establishing 'order', meaning that humans that do not agree with the Supremacy perspective on Earth are forced to comply, by any means. The player builds a Warp Gate back to Earth and must send 1000 Strength's worth of units to establish 'order', or to presumably in some way control Earth.

  • Research Orbital Networks and build a Lasercom Satellite to reestablish communication with Earth.
  • Achieve Supremacy Supremacy level 13, research Hypercomputing, and build the Emancipation Gate planetary wonder, to end Humanity on Earth.
  • Send 1000 Strength Strength worth of Units through the gate.
  • Note: only 1 unit is allowed through the gate each turn, and of course this unit has to be a land unit (no sea or air units allowed). This means that the more powerful each single unit that is send, the faster the victory will be achieved. On the other hand, it also means that as you progress towards victory, your army will gradually weaken, so be prepared to fend off any last minute attacks and/or defend the Gate!

Here's a full video on this victory:


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