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Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! is a scenario in Civilization VI that was released with the Vikings Scenario Pack.


What is the worth of a Viking lord? At your command are seafaring warriors who would follow you across the oceans of the known world. Your longships cast shadows in the hearts of those who would keep their wealth within sight of the coast. But pillage for its own sake is simple banditry. You, my lord, are neither simple nor a bandit. Teach them the hard truth of the wealth they flaunt—if they can't protect it, then it was never theirs to keep.


In this scenario, you control one of three Viking lords attempting to build a rich and powerful empire that extends across Europe. It is predominantly a military scenario, though economics, exploration, and religion also factor in. You are locked into an alliance with the other two Viking lords and war with everyone else. Cities cannot be razed, Traders and Great Admirals cannot be transferred between cities, and Encampments and Holy Sites generate Civ6Science Science and Civ6Culture Culture (respectively) in addition to their normal effects.

All of the Viking lords start off worshiping a pantheon, and all of the city-states except Al-Qayrawan have the Monastery as their unique tile improvement. Pillaging Holy Sites and certain improvements yields Civ6Faith Faith, which increases the pressure on your cities to adopt Catholicism. Once you do, you can start producing Missionaries to spread your religion.

All of the playable civilizations in this scenario have the Berserker and the Viking Longship as unique units. In addition to their abilities from the base game, the Berserker earns General6 Great General points and the Viking Longship earns Admiral6 Great Admiral points from kills.

Victory Points (VP) are awarded as follows in this scenario:

  • 10 VP per tile pillaged.
  • 10 VP per Citizen6 Population.
  • 25 VP per city.
  • 25 VP per TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity.
  • 50 VP per GreatPerson6 Great Person earned.
  • 50 VP per Civ6Faith Faith earned for pillaging a tile when less than half of your cities follow the same religion.
  • 50 VP per Citizen6 Population added when half or more of your cities follow the same religion.
  • 1000 VP for activating the first Great Admiral adjacent to Vinland, 500 VP for the second, 300 VP for the third, and 100 VP for each one thereafter.

At the end of 60 turns, the Viking lords are awarded bonus VP at the rate of 1 for every 10 Civ6Gold Gold in their treasury and 1 for every 5 Civ6Faith Faith they possess. The one with the highest VP total wins.




Special FeaturesEdit


Type City-State
Religious City-State colored (Civ6) Al-Qayrawan
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Apuolė
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Arles
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Asilah
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Balarm
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Dùn Breatann
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Eoforwic
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Iruñea
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Pisa
Religious City-State colored (Civ6) Roma
Religious City-State colored (Civ6) Tamworth
Religious City-State colored (Civ6) Thetford
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Tmutarakan
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Venèxia
Militaristic City-State colored (Civ6) Wintanceaster
Trade City-State colored (Civ6) Wòlin
Religious City-State colored (Civ6) Xixón


Great PeopleEdit


Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Civics Tree (Civ6)

Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Civics Tree. Click to zoom.


Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Technology Tree (Civ6)

Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! Technology Tree. Click to zoom.

Policy CardsEdit

Natural WondersEdit




Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Absolutely Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark (Civ6)
Absolutely Nothing Rotten in the State of Denmark
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Canute
A play on 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark', a famous line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Steam achievement God of the Sea (Civ6)
God of the Sea
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! at Deity difficulty
A play on the Deity difficulty's name, and a reference to the Norse's seafaring voyages and wars.
Steam achievement Master of the Baltic (Civ6)
Master of the Baltic
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Olof Skötkonung
A reference to Sweden's westerly location from the Baltic Sea, and its later domination of Finland.
Steam achievement More Hacksilver For Harald (Civ6)
More Hacksilver For Harald
Win Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! as Harald Hardrada
A reference to a form of Viking currency and Harald Hardrada's accumulation of wealth during his service in the Byzantine Empire.
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