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Vilnius is a cultural city-state in Civilization VI.



As a rule of thumb, random Eureka Eurekas and Inspiration Inspirations are not strong. They can be activated on technologies or civics which you are one turn away from completing, or ones whose boosts can be easily triggered by you, or on leaf technologies or civics that you do not need to research to complete the game. The key word here is "random," as bonuses beyond your control are unreliable, and no strategy should be built upon such a foundation. Vilnius grants a random Inspiration Inspiration every time you enter a new era, which is a pitiful bonus. You can keep Suzerainty of Vilnius for the entire era and it does absolutely nothing for you, and the moment you are about to change your era, it can get sniped away from you. And even if you manage to be the Suzerain of Vilnius the entire game, it can give you a maximum of 7 Inspiration Inspirations, which is not that impressive, considering the random factor mentioned above. Overall, in the Vanilla version of the game, this city-state should always be placed dead last in the priority list, as you are pretty much guaranteed to find another city-state more useful than this.

Rise and Fall[]

The description makes it a bit hard to understand what it actually does. Basically, depending on the highest level of Alliance you currently have (level 1, level 2 or level 3), all of your Theater Squares will gain 50%, 100% or 150% bonus to their base adjacency bonus. It sounds great on paper until you take into account that the Theater Square is the hardest specialty District District to earn high starting adjacency bonus on. Beside the minor bonus from being adjacent to other District District that every District District has, it only gains from being adjacent to Wonders. In Gathering Storm, it also gains bonus from being next to Entertainment Complexes and Water Parks, the two weakest District District that rarely does any civilization build en masse. Not to mention, the amount it takes to reach level 3 Alliance can be excruciatingly long, especially if your Ally is farther than the reach of your Trade Route Trade Route. By the time you reach level 3 Alliance, the game may enter such a late stage that you generate too much Culture Culture per turn that the Suzerain bonus from Vilnius barely matters anymore.

Pericles is the rare example of a leader that can take advantage of this city-state: the Acropolis always has high starting adjacency bonus, and he is a peaceful leader who can form Alliances. Japan and Brazil can vie for Vilnius' Suzerainty thanks to their enhanced Theater Squares, if they choose to go down a Cultural path. Technically, Australia and the Netherlands can as well, since they have bonuses towards their Theater Squares, but these two skew towards a Scientific Victory more than a Cultural Victory. Overall, unless you are playing as one of this handful of civilizations, just do yourself a favor and ignore this city-state, most likely you will have somewhere else better to invest your hard earned Envoy Envoy.

Civilopedia entry[]

Lying at the junction of two navigable rivers, the Vilnia and the Neris, some 194 miles from the Baltic, Vilnius was settled as a trading post deep in the woodlands of Lithuania. The town is first mentioned in written records in 1323 AD, when German Jews were invited to relocate to the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by Duke Gediminas, who promised religious tolerance and commercial opportunities. Over the following decades under the ambitious duke and his sons, the duchy expanded until it encompassed most of modern Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukraine, Transnistria, and portions of Poland and northern Russia. With the Union of Lublin in 1569, the city became an important mercantile center in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

During this period, Vilnius changed dramatically from a backwater post to a cultural and political center. Migrants were welcomed by the authorities, and thousands of Slavs, Germans, and Jews moved into the booming city. In 1579, King Stefan Báthory founded the institution that would evolve into the 'Vilniaus universitetas,' the oldest university in the Baltic States, which quickly became one of the most important scientific and cultural centers in Europe. Artistic and craft guilds of various types were established, and the city served as the primary center for trade between Scandinavia and the interior of Poland and northern Russia.

All this ready coin meant that the inhabitants – when they weren’t fighting the Poles, Swedes, Russians, or Germans – could live the good life. Although labelled a “Baroque” city, Vilnius boosts a blend of architectural styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Neo-Classical, and so forth – in its well-preserved and unique Old Town (placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994). Museums and monuments of all sorts dot the city. The Gediminas Tower, Cathedral Square, and stately Palace of the Grand Dukes, the House of the Signatories and national museums and libraries have managed to survive occupation by many enemies … and since independence in 1990, again form the heart of Lithuania.


  • Vilnius's city-state symbol is based on the Jagiellonian cross, which is still used in the modern day Lithuanian coat of arms in the riders shield.
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