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 "Not all who wander are lost."
– J. R. R. Tolkien
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Vinland is a 3-tile impassable Natural Wonder available in the Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! scenario in Civilization VI. Vinland may be found in Ocean tiles on the western boundary of the map. It is not connected to any other land tiles, though it does provide +1 Culture Culture and +1 Gold Gold to the adjacent Ocean tiles.


Activating Great Admirals next to Vinland provides the player with a large chunk of Victory Points (1000 VP for activating the first Great Admiral adjacent to Vinland, 500 VP for the second, 300 VP for the third, and 100 VP for each one thereafter). Though reaching Vinland early in the game can determine its outcome, Vinland is impassable, featureless, and very remote (roughly 30 tiles away from the western coast of Europe), and therefore has little tactical value once it has been claimed.


  • "Vinland" is the Norse Viking name for North America.
  • Though Civilopedia does not provide any historical information about Vinland, its appearance and location suggest that it is one of the many Fjords in Newfoundland, Canada. Some of these Fjords were settled by Norse Vikings (such as Erik the Red) between the late 10th and early 11th centuries.
  • Vinland shares its in-game model with the Piopiotahi wonder.
  • Vinland shares its introduction quote with the Cartography technology.
  • Vinland does provide adjacency bonuses (+1 Culture Culture, +1 Gold Gold). However, since it is surrounded by water, cities cannot be founded next to it and these bonuses can never be harnessed. (Even its Appeal bonus is negated, since it is surrounded by Ocean on all sides.)


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