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Virtues are an orthogonal system to complement and augment your technology choices and play style. Whereas a player's technology path may be a series of adaptive choices to the environment and circumstances, Virtues represent the player's long term choices about style and flavor which are more removed from immediate circumstances.

Acquiring virtues[]

Virtues are acquired by accumulating Culture Culture over time (the mechanics are virtually the same as in Civilization V). All culture your colony is producing from all sources is gathered in a pool, and whenever a certain threshold is reached (based on how many Virtues and Cities you already have and the difficulty you're playing at), you can select and activate one Virtue.

There are four distinct categories of Virtues: Might (Military), Prosperity (Health Health, Energy Energy, and Growth Growth), Knowledge (Science Science and Culture Culture), and Industry (Energy Energy and Production Production). Each one category is aimed at enriching a specific gameplay aspect (which one is rather obvious by the name). You don't need to 'unlock' a certain Virtue category in order to acquire anything in it - all four categories are available right from the start, without any restrictions. However, unlike Civilization V, each category has three times the number of individual Virtues in it, which are organised in Tiers 1 - 3. Individual Virtues within each category are furthermore organised in a tree, so that you need to adopt the lesser ones first, and then make your way 'down' the tree. So, although you have the freedom to choose whichever of the four categories you want right from the start, you will have to develop each category methodically, in order to reach higher tiers and more powerful virtues.

Virtues Screen (Rising Tide).jpg

Synergy bonuses[]

Acquiring a certain number of Virtues from the same category or the same tier yields an additional synergy bonus. For example, after you get 5 virtues from the Might category, you get a special bonus; when you get 6 virtues of tier 1 you also gain a special bonus. Each synergy bonus is different, both for category- and tier-related. In general, category bonuses are oriented towards the same aspect the category develops (see each category for the specific bonuses), while tier bonuses have a more general benefit (see below). To unlock them, simply purchase enough virtues in the given tier/category.

This system allows great flexibility in developing your virtues. You could choose to develop consistently a single category and acquire quickly its level 2 and 3 virtues and synergy bonuses; or you could choose to develop two categories simultaneously; or even three... Of course, the ever-increasing culture price of subsequent virtues imposes a practical limit on how many virtues you could get, so plan ahead of time and look at strengthening aspects of your colony which are consistent with your overall strategy, or which are otherwise lacking.

Tier Synergy Bonuses[]

Tier Number
Virtue level 1 bonus on (CivBE).png 1 6 Choose 1 Free Virtue
Virtue level 1 bonus on (CivBE).png 1 10 +10% Production Production in the Capital Capital
+10% Energy Energy in the Capital Capital
Virtue level 1 bonus on (CivBE).png 1 15 Choose 1 Free Technology
Virtue level 2 bonus on (CivBE).png 2 8 Choose 1 Free Virtue
Recruit 1 new Covert Agent
Virtue level 2 bonus on (CivBE).png 2 12 Choose 1 Free Affinity Level
Virtue level 3 bonus on (CivBE).png 3 10 +10% Growth Growth in every city
+10% Production Production in every city
+10% Science Science in every city
+10% Culture Culture in every city
+10% Energy Energy in every city

Might column


Might deals with all things military, bringing benefits from combat or cheaper/better Units, or lowering the cost of building and maintaining your combat forces. Those looking to expand through force of arms, whether fighting Aliens or other colonies, will likely pursue the Virtues of Might.

Tier Name Description
Adaptive Tactics (CivBE).png 1 Adaptive Tactics

+50% XP from combat

Survivalism (CivBE).png 1 Survivalism

+25% Strength Strength and Ranged Strength Ranged Strength against alien life forms

Military-Industrial Complex (CivBE).png 1 Military-Industrial Complex

+15% Production Production towards Military Units

Public Security (CivBE).png 1 Public Security

+0.25 Health Health for every Military Units under your command

Liberation Army (CivBE).png 1 Liberation Army

After conquering an enemy Outpost automatically found an Outpost of your own in its place

Scavenging (CivBE).png 2 Scavenging

Earn 100% of an alien lifeform's strength as Science Science after killing it. Earn 30 Science Science from destroying alien nests

Adaptive Sciences (CivBE).png 2 Adaptive Sciences

+20% Affinity earned from researching technologies

Special Service (CivBE).png 2 Special Service

+40% Intrigue from Covert Agent

Army Engineering Corps (CivBE).png 2 Army Engineering Corps

+1 Production Production from every Strategic Resource +1 Energy Energy from every Strategic Resource

Martial Meditations (CivBE).png 2 Martial Meditations

Choose 1 Free Affinity Level

Brutal Efficiency (CivBE).png 3 Brutal Efficiency

+50% quantity from sources of Strategic Resource

Integrated Arms (CivBE).png 3 Integrated Arms

+10% Production Production towards a Unit for each Upgrade it has

Joint Operations (CivBE).png 3 Joint Operations

+3 Orbital Coverage provided by Stations you trade with

Democratized Quartering (CivBE).png 3 Democratized Quartering

-50% maintenance for Units

Channeled Wrath (CivBE).png 3 Channeled Wrath

+10% Strength Strength and Ranged Strength Ranged Strength for all Units

Prosperity column


Health Health, Energy Energy, and Growth Growth are the focuses of the Virtue of Prosperity. Whatever the medium of exchange and the benefits of hard work, players who seek to have large cities and healthy citizens to fill them should consider the path of Prosperity.

Tier Name Description
Frugality (CivBE).png 1 Frugality

+10% Food Food retained after a City grows

Workforce Initiative (CivBE).png 1 Workforce Initiative

Gain a free Worker Unit

Homesteading (CivBE).png 1 Homesteading

+30% faster development for Outposts.

Helping Hands (CivBE).png 1 Helping Hands

+15% build speed for Tile improvements

Colony Initiative (CivBE).png 1 Colony Initiative

Gain a free Colonist Unit

Pathfinders (CivBE).png 2 Pathfinders

Explorer Units can build 3 additional Expeditions

Pioneer Spirit (CivBE).png 2 Pioneer Spirit

-25% Culture Culture needed for border expansion

Gift Economy (CivBE).png 2 Gift Economy

+3 Energy Energy from your land based Trade Routes to foreign Cities +3 Energy Energy from your sea-based Trade Routes to foreign Cities

Settler Clans (CivBE).png 2 Settler Clans

+1 Population Population for newly founded Cities

Mind Over Matter (CivBE).png 2 Mind Over Matter

+7 Health Health

Nature's Bounty (CivBE).png 3 Nature's Bounty

+1 Production Production from every Basic Resource

Joy From Variety (CivBE).png 3 Joy From Variety

+1 Health Health from every tree of Basic Resource that is improved

Hands Never Idle (CivBE).png 3 Hands Never Idle

+2 energy from any Population Population acting as a Specialist

Ecoscaping (CivBE).png 3 Ecoscaping

+1 Food Food +1 Production Production +1 Culture Culture from every Terrascape Improvement

Eudaimonia (CivBE).png 3 Eudaimonia

15% less Health Unhealth

Knowledge column


It has been said that "knowledge is power." This Virtue is devoted to improving research towards new Technology, and should excite those excited about the shape of things to come. The Virtue of Knowledge is not limited to Science Science, of course, but encompasses artistic expression as well.

Tier Name Description
Foresight (CivBE).png 1 Foresight

+10% Science Science when Health Healthy

Field Research (CivBE).png 1 Field Research

Earn 50 Science Science from finishing Expeditions

Social Mores (CivBE).png 1 Social Mores

Each City tile produces +0.25 Culture Culture for every Population Population

Laboratory Apprenticeship (CivBE).png 1 Laboratory Apprenticeship

Each City tile generates +0.25 Science Science for every Population Population

Creative Class (CivBE).png 1 Creative Class

Earn extra Culture Culture equal to 50% of net positive Health Health

Cohesive Values (CivBE).png 2 Cohesive Values

-10% Culture Culture needed for new Virtues

Applied Metasociology (CivBE).png 2 Applied Metasociology

City Intrigue decreases faster when an Agent is present

Networked Datalinks (CivBE).png 2 Networked Datalinks

-50% Science Science penalty from number of Cities for new technologies

Community Medicine (CivBE).png 2 Community Medicine

+1 Health Health for every 6 Population Population in a City

Memeweb (CivBE).png 2 Memeweb

50% Culture Culture penalty from number of Cities for new Virtues

Metaresearch Methods (CivBE).png 3 Metaresearch Methods

Leaf Technologies cost 20% less Science Science

Information Warfare (CivBE).png 3 Information Warfare

Recruit 1 new Covert Agent

Learning Centers (CivBE).png 3 Learning Centers

+1 Science Science from Academy Improvement

Technoartisans (CivBE).png 3 Technoartisans

Earn extra Science Science equal to 25% of the Culture Culture you generate

Monomyth (CivBE).png 3 Monomyth

+7 Culture Culture for every Great Wonder

Industry column


Industry is the Virtue for those seeking to increase wealth and productivity. It offers bonuses in Energy Energy and Production Production, along with some other benefits to ensure these aren't wasted. It may be that hard work is its own reward, but it is nice to get something out of it.

Tier Name Description
Labor Logistics (CivBE).png 1 Labor Logistics

+10% Production Production towards Buildings

Commoditization (CivBE).png 1 Commoditization

+1 Energy Energy from every Basic Resource

Central Planning (CivBE).png 1 Central Planning

+5 Energy Energy in the Capital Capital

Scalable Infrastructure (CivBE).png 1 Scalable Infrastructure

+15% Production Production towards Wonders

Standardized Architecture (CivBE).png 1 Standardized Architecture

+25% Production Production towards Buildings which have been built in the Capital Capital

Investment (CivBE).png 2 Investment

Earn 1% of stockpiled Energy Energy amount every turn, up to 100 Energy Energy

Entrepreneurial Spaceflight (CivBE).png 2 Entrepreneurial Spaceflight

+25% Production Production towards Orbital Units

Profiteering (CivBE).png 2 Profiteering

+0.5 Health Health for every Trade Unit under your command

Alternative Markets (CivBE).png 2 Alternative Markets

Trade Routes with Stations grant +5 Energy Energy per Station tier

Interdependence Network (CivBE).png 2 Interdependence Network

+25% more yields from your Trade Route to your own Cities

Social Investment (CivBE).png 3 Social Investment

+2 Production Production from every Manufactory Improvement

Liquidity (CivBE).png 3 Liquidity

-20% Energy Energy cost to purchase Units

Civic Duty (CivBE).png 3 Civic Duty

Each City tile generates +0.5 Production Production for every Population Population

Magnasanti (CivBE).png 3 Magnasanti

Each City generates +0.2 Health Health for every Building

Superior Engineering (CivBE).png 3 Superior Engineering

Orbital Units stay in orbit 50% longer before deorbiting

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Once you have purchased 5 Virtues in the first tier of a tree, if you haven't unlocked the first tier 1 synergy bonus, it is advantageous to buy the first virtue of one of the other three trees, then use the free virtue to resume down your original tree.

Original Virtues screen[]

The original virtues screen seen below has been replaced since the release of Rising Tide both in the base game and the expansion.

Virtues (CivBE) V 1 0 0 574.jpg


Official Gameplay video showing the tech

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