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The Voidsingers are one of four Secret Societies in Civilization VI, exclusive to the Secret Societies Game Mode, introduced in the Ethiopia Pack. They are a nihilistic cult of dark elder gods. They focus on religion, Relic6 Relics, and (dis)loyalty.

Introduction Edit

Voidsingers (Civ6)

Voidsingers icon

Similar to the other Secret Societies, Voidsinger membership lasts the entire game. Once joined, players will unlock a new Governor with four unique titles. This Governor operates on an international scale, thus does not need to be assigned to a city and grants bonuses to the entire empire.

Voidsinger membership unlocks the Old God Obelisk, which replaces the Monument. It has all of the Monument's base effects, and provides additional Civ6Faith Faith and a Great Work slot. The Voidsingers also have a unique unit, the Cultist. Purchased with Civ6Faith Faith, Cultists can spend a charge to recruit followers in enemy cities, reducing the target city's Loyalty by calling its citizens to madness. This Loyalty damage can further be improved by a unique project called Dark Summoning. Also, Voidsinger members are rewarded with extra Civ6Gold Gold, Civ6Culture Culture and Civ6Science Science based on their Civ6Faith Faith generation.

The Voidsingers' base chance of sending an invitation after you discover a Tribal Village is 70%. However, as with other societies, this chance will get slightly smaller with every other civilization that joins this society (meaning "popular" societies will be less likely to send you an invitation).

Titles Edit

Promotion Title Unlocked by Effect
Initiation Discover a Tribal Village (70% chance). Allows you to construct the Old God Obelisk building, a powerful replacement of the Monument .
Ritual Reach the Medieval Era. Cities earn Civ6Gold Gold, Civ6Culture Culture and Civ6Science Science per turn equal to 20% of their Civ6Faith Faith per turn rate.
Indoctrination Reach the Industrial Era. Unlocks the Cultist unit. This unit is purchased with Civ6Faith Faith, and uses charges to reduce Loyalty in foreign cities and generate Relic6Relics of the Void.
Master Plan Reach the Atomic Era Unlocks Dark Summoning, a city project that provides lots of Civ6Faith Faith while active, and upon completion, raises the amount of Loyalty damage done by Cultists.

Strategy Edit

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Civilopedia entry Edit

In the early 20th century, a new genre of science fiction and fantasy began to take hold, especially in the United States and UK. The horrors of World War I had proven that a new, scientific age could potentially be an inhuman one, and the universe revealed by exploration and scientific inquiry could be just as profoundly uncaring about humanity and its hopes and dreams. In addition, for citizens in colonizing countries, a growing awareness that the colonized world could in fact return to haunt the colonizers lent itself to a kind of isolationism – something helped along by that era’s virulent racism. The speculative worlds that emerged in the fiction of authors such as Arthur Machen, H.P. Lovecraft, and others were neither the morally-tinged Gothic nor the heroic tales of exploration of the 19th century, but something more disturbing, a new, “weird” fiction.

A weird reality is one where the powers that shape the world are fundamentally uncaring and even hostile to humanity. While their inattention allows us to exist in the world today, traces of them might persist in forgotten places, drowned cities, or in the spaces between the stars, and might be revealed by science’s forward progress. In weird fiction, the world is one where we do not belong, and only the mad would actually seek out the things that make the world work.

Related achievements Edit

Steam achievement Dead But Dreaming (Civ6)
Dead But Dreaming
Earn all Governor promotions for the Voidsingers Secret Society.
The Voidsingers are based on the cults from H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. One of the iconic lines from The Call of Cthulhu is 'In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.'
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