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A Volcano is a type of terrain feature in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. There are two states a Volcano can be in: dormant or active. A dormant Volcano cannot erupt, thus behaves like a normal Mountain (for the most parts). However, a Volcano can switch between dormant and active states at any moment. The chances of this happening depend on the Disaster Intensity setting, which the player chooses in the beginning of the game. In general, higher settings always have a greater percentage of active volcanoes; on Disaster level 4, 95% of all Volcanoes are always active. Also, Volcanic Natural Wonders can never go dormant.

A Volcano is a type of Mountain, and it will confer all relevant bonuses and opportunities (such as the possibility to build an Aqueduct near it). However, Mountain Tunnels, Qhapaq Ñan, Ski Resorts, and Machu Picchu can never be built on a Volcano.

Volcanic eruptions[]

Main article: Volcanic eruption (Civ6)

Active Volcanoes have a chance to erupt, causing damage to anything in the surrounding tiles and fertilizing them with Volcanic Soil.


"High risk, high reward" sums up living near a volcano. Towards the end of a game, volcanic tiles can easily be your most productive tiles. The risk will be linked to the Disaster level and Volcano you discover, with Mount Vesuvius at Level 4 being the most risky. Liang's Reinforced Materials title will provide protection to all tile improvements, District Districts, and buildings within the city. Other ways to limit damage are to build cities at least two tiles away from a Volcano, while tiles around the volcano itself should be limited to tile improvements (especially Moai). It's easier to repair or replace a tile improvement than to do the same for a building. The first time you establish a city near a volcano or improve Volcanic Soil will also net an Era Score bonus.

Volcano names[]

Volcanoes can have different names based on the first civilization that first finds them. Below is the list of the names and civilization of origin. (If a volcano is discovered by a civilization with no volcano names on the list, or the civilization's list of volcanoes is exhausted, then volcano names will be taken from other civilizations or from volcanoes names that aren't connected to a civilization.)

Volcano Civilization Notes
Ağrı Dağı Byzantium, Ottomans
Água de Pau Massif Portugal
Mount Agung Indonesia
Allarps Bjär Volcano Sweden
Alu-Dalafilla Ethiopia
Ambrym Volcano
Mount Ararat
Arthur's Seat Scotland
Mount Asama Japan
Avachinsky Russia
Ball's Pyramid Australia
Mount Barren India
Bayuda Volcanic Field Nubia
Beerenberg Norway
Bezymianny Russia
Budj Bim Australia
Capelinhos Volcano Portugal
Catoca Volcano Kongo
Chhachani Inca
Chimborazo Gran Colombia
Citlaltépetl Aztec
Chi'gag Maya
Volcán de Colima Aztec
Dabbahu Volcano Ethiopia
Dallol Volcano Ethiopia
Damavand Persia
Đồng Nai Hạ Vietnam
Đồng Nai Thượng Vietnam
Mount Elbrus Russia
Mount Erebus
Erta Ale Ethiopia
Mount Etna Rome
Frualid Volcano Sweden
Mount Fuji Japan
Furnas Volcano Portugal
Galeras Gran Colombia
Gällabjer Volcano Sweden
Galunggung Indonesia
Guagua Pichincha Gran Colombia
Håkon Mosby Volcano Norway
Haleakalā America
Hallasan Korea
Hamp'atu Inca
Harrat Khaybar Arabia
Waynaputina Inca
Mount Hudson
Hunahpú Maya Removed if playing in Heroes & Legends mode.
Ilopango Volcano
Mount Kazbek Georgia
Kelud Indonesia
Khorgo Mongolia
Kīlauea America
Kone Ethiopia
Koryaksky Russia
Krakatoa Indonesia
Laacher See Germany
Larderello Volcano Rome
Lautaro Volcano Mapuche
Lillö Volcano Sweden
Llaima Volcano Mapuche
Lonquimay Volcano Mapuche
Manda Hararo Ethiopia
Mauna Loa America
Mawson Peak Australia
Mount Merapi Indonesia
Mount Pico Portugal
Methana Volcano Greece
Mount Alayta Ethiopia
Mount Erciyes Byzantium, Ottomans
Mount Fentale Ethiopia
Mount Hasan Byzantium, Ottomans
Mount Hypipamee Australia
Mount Napier Australia
Mount Sabalan Persia
Taranaki Maunga Māori
Mount Tibrogargan Australia
Mount Tongariro Māori
Nabro Volcano
Nemrut Byzantium, Ottomans
Nevado del Ruiz Gran Colombia
Nevado del Tolima Gran Colombia
Mount Ngauruhoe Māori
Nisyros Greece
Novarupta America
Mount Nyiragongo
Ojos del Salado Mapuche
Ostrzyca Volcano Poland
Mount Paektu Korea, China
Mount Pelée France
Pacaya Maya
Phanom Rung Volcano Khmer
Phlegraean Fields Rome
Pico do Cabugi Brazil
Pihanga Māori
Pillañzegüñ Mapuche
Mount Pinatubo
Popōcatepētl Aztec
Puy de Dôme France
Qurupuna Inca
Mount Rainier America
Rallate Volcano Sweden
Rangitoto Māori
Mount Ruapehu Māori
Rucapillan Mapuche
Sahand Persia
Mount Saint Helens America
Sakurajima Japan
Gagxanul Maya
Sawanqaya Inca
Mount Scenery Netherlands
Mount Semeru Indonesia
Sete Cidades Massif Portugal
Shiveluch Russia
Sollipulli Mapuche
Soufrière Hills Volcano England
Stromboli Rome
Taal Volcano
Mount Tambora Indonesia
Mount Tarawera Māori
Taupo Volcano Māori
Teide Spain
Thera Greece
Toroeng Prong Vietnam
Tseax Cone Canada
Tungurahua Gran Colombia
Undara Volcano Australia
Mount Unzen Japan
Uwinas Inca
Volcán Atitlán Maya
Volcán Cotopaxi Gran Colombia
Volcán Puracé Gran Colombia
Volcán Tolimán Maya
Vulsini Rome
Whakaari Māori
Yeak Laom Volcano Khmer
Yellowstone Caldera America
Zuidwal Volcano Netherlands

Civilopedia entry[]

Volcanoes form when the earth's crust is ruptured by an upwelling of hot gas, and magma. This can occur both above ground and below the surface of the ocean. Volcanoes are most common at the edges of tectonic plates, with the “ring of fire” in the Pacific being an excellent example.

Volcanic eruptions can have disruptive impacts on the climate, with exceptionally vigorous volcanic activity having distinct patterns in the geological record of the world. Fortunately, these events are relatively infrequent. Unfortunately, when they do occur, they have profound and serious effects on human civilizations, sometimes affecting the course of history.


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