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The Wajo is a unique improvement in the Samurai Invasion of Korea scenario of Civilization V.

Game Info[]

Unique defensive improvement of the Japanese. Replaces the Fort. Only a Worker may build it.

  • Constructed on:
  • Effect:
    • Gives +50% defensive Melee strength Combat Strength to a unit on the tile. Does not apply to units in enemy territory.
    • Deals 2 damage to enemy units that end their turn on adjacent tiles.


A Wajo is a special improvement that doesn't increase a hex's productivity or provide access to a resource. Instead, a Wajo inflicts 2 damage to enemy units who end their turn adjacent and it improves a hex's defensive bonus by 50% for units stationed in that hex. However, Wajos do not provide a defensive bonus to units in enemy territory.

Civilopedia entry[]

During the Japanese invasion of Korea known as the Imjin War, the Japanese military constructed numerous hastily built castles, known as Wajo, along the coastline. Used as outposts and garrisons primarily along the southern coast of Korea, the military typically built artificial hills or plateaus upon which they placed wooden walls, towers and internal structures that closely matched the characteristic style of traditional Japanese castles.

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