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War Machine is a 1-on-1 multiplayer scenario in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. The scenario is set in the First World War, where one player plays with Germany and the other plays with France. There is no single player mode in this scenario.


In this scenario you take command of the armies of France or Germany during the first month of WWI. You have a massive army poised to strike, an industrial nation ready to back it up, and only 40 turns to capture or defend Paris. Can you triumph in the greatest clash of arms the world has ever seen? Or will warfare on this scale and speed overwhelm you?


The German Empire is locked into war with France, Belgium, and Britain, which are locked into an alliance with each other. Settlers and Builders cannot be trained, and Tourism Tourism, civics, religion, governments, espionage, diplomacy, and the World Congress are all disabled - this is a purely military scenario.

The German Empire wins if it captures Paris, the French Capital Capital, before 40 turns elapse; otherwise, France wins.




Special Features[]


Icon City-State Suzerain Bonus
Luxembourg (Civ6).png Luxembourg None.


Great People[]


War Machine Technology Tree. Click to zoom.


Related achievements[]

Win War Machine as Germany.
Auftragstaktik was a military doctrine developed by the Prussians following their losses to Napoleon.
Big Bertha
Big Bertha
In War Machine, reduce and capture a full-health city in a single turn.
Big Bertha was the name of a siege weapon used by the German army from 1914 to 1918. It is one of the biggest siege weapons ever fielded.
Croix de Lorraine
Croix de Lorraine
In War Machine, as France, conquer Metz within 5 turns.
The Croix de Lorraine is a symbol representing the province of the same name, in which Metz is located.
Win War Machine as France.
A French word for vigorous spirit or enthusiasm.
As Germany, win War Machine within 25 turns.
Vernichtungsstrategie translates to 'destruction strategy' in German.
With The Army You Have
With The Army You Have
Win War Machine without training any units.
A quote by American politician Donald Rumsfeld.
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