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War weariness is a game concept and mechanic in Civilization VI. It illustrates the public disapproval for the continuation of a prolonged war. It grows for every battle you fight and worsens with casualties.

Much of the information here comes from a CivFanatics info page by Victoria.[1]


War weariness values get updated every time you fight a battle against units of another major civilization or use nukes. It includes city combat but does not count pillaging, plundering Trade Route Trade Routes, coastal raiding or war declarations. It does not change with difficulty level or the types of unit involved. It scales with game speed, increasing with era (the later into the game, the higher the era-based value is). War weariness can be reduced if the war is declared using a Casus Belli.

For every 400 war weariness points (WWP) you currently have, you gain -1 Amenity Amenity, which will then spread to your cities. WWP can only accumulate on a per-turn basis, which means all WWP will be translated to negative Amenities Amenities at the end of the turn, and the leftover WWP will be reset to 0 when the next turn starts.

For every battle you fight, there is a base WWP you will get based on the era and whether or not you use a Casus Belli. This base WWP will then get multiplied based on the location of the battle (the location of the battle always depends on the location of the target, even for ranged attacks). If you are fighting within your borders (including a newly taken city that still has the Occupied status), this multiplier will be 1; otherwise it will be 2. Whenever your city receives an attack or launches a ranged attack, that battle also incurs war weariness with the multiplier being 2.

Below is a comprehensive table tabulating data regarding WWP:

Era War type Fighting at home Fighting abroad Death at home Death abroad
Ancient Formal 16 32 64 80
Surprise 16 32 64 80
Classical Formal 22 44 88 110
Surprise 25 50 100 125
Medieval Formal 28 56 112 140
Surprise 34 68 136 170
Renaissance Formal 34 68 136 170
Surprise 43 86 172 215
Industrial and later Formal 40 80 160 200
Surprise 52 104 208 260

The overall formula is:

In that formula, Era Base score is equal to the WWP of fighting at home (1st data column), and WWP from Death is equal to 3 times the Era Base. Values of WWP incurred from city combat are equal to WWP incurred from fighting abroad (2nd data column). Fighting against Gandhi will incur twice as much war weariness.

War weariness will be accumulated by both the attacker and defender, without any discrimination. Certain kinds of Casus Belli will further reduce war weariness. When you are fighting wars against many civilizations at once, WWP will be calculated separately, but only the highest WWP during that turn will be scored against you.

War weariness can be lost over time in multiple ways:

  • When at war, you lose 50 WWP at the end of every turn without a battle.
  • When at peace with every civilization, you lose 200 WWP per turn.
  • When you make peace, you lose 2000 WWP.

In terms of nukes, every time you drop a nuke, the war weariness it will incur is equal to 12 times the Base Era value. There is no difference between dropping a Nuclear Device Nuclear Device or a Thermonuclear Device Thermonuclear Device. If the nuke is dropped in a surprise war, it will incur 624 WWP, if dropped in a formal war, 480 WWP (considering you cannot drop a nuke before the Industrial Era). Similar to normal wars, certain types of Casus Belli will further reduce war weariness from nukes.

Negative Amenities Amenities from war weariness will affect cities within close proximity of the battles; however, there are certain restrictions on this. Cities that you founded cannot receive more negative Amenities Amenities than the amount of Amenities Amenities required for those cities to be content. For example:

  • Before Gathering Storm, a city with 7-8 Citizen Population requires 3 Amenities Amenities to be content, thus it cannot receive more than -3 Amenities Amenities from war weariness.
  • In Gathering Storm, a city of the same size requires 4 Amenities Amenities to be content, thus it cannot receive more than -4 Amenities Amenities from war weariness.

However, conquered cities can receive up to 4 times this amount, so a conquered city with 7-8 Citizen Population can receive up to -12 Amenities Amenities (or -16 Amenities Amenities in Gathering Storm) from war weariness. War weariness is allotted fully to the city with the highest priority until it cannot receive anymore negative Amenities Amenities. This priority goes to cities with foreign origin, cities with the highest Citizen Population, and cities closest to the combat or the death sites of units. Because there is a cap on the negative Amenities Amenities that can be assigned to cities, it is possible to accumulate more war weariness than can be distributed. In this case, the extra war weariness is not lost, it is just temporarily ignored, which can lead to a situation where it looks like your war weariness is not decreasing after war or with reduced fighting. Also, it should be noted that this situation is incredibly rare, especially when you successfully conquer enemy cities. These conquered cities have very high caps for the amount of negative Amenities Amenities it can receive, so the chance for every city in your empire receives the maximum amount of negative Amenities Amenities is rather extraordinary.

War weariness can be reduced by 25% by using the policy cards Propaganda and Martial Law, Great General Trưng Trắc, and Great Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa. No war weariness at all is gained when playing as Alexander, or from combat in one's own territory when using the policy card Defense of the Motherland.

Civilopedia entry[]

Having a nation that is constantly at war will diminish the productivity and happiness of your people. War weariness grows for every battle you fight. This accumulation is worse when those battles occur in foreign territory or when your units are killed. It is worse still if those units are killed by a nuclear weapon, but launching a nuclear weapon yourself is the greatest source of war weariness. All war weariness you accumulate is increased if you declared war without using a Casus Belli.

War weariness is applied to every city you own as a negative Amenity Amenity, lowering your city growth and productivity. Having low Amenities Amenities for too long can cause rebel partisans to spawn in your cities. These hostile units will attack your units and pillage your tiles and District Districts.

While war weariness will slowly reduce while you are still at war, it reduces at a greatly increased rate when you are not at war with any player.


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