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Warp Spire
Warp Spire (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 200 Production
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes +50% yields from domestic Trade Routes.

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Warp Spire is a building in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It can only be built by combining Old Earth Relics.

It provides +50% yields from domestic Trade Routes.

History[edit source]

Transporting large quantities of goods on a new planet is a challenge. A brand new solution for this problem is the Warp Spire. Using an advanced form of laser technology, these large towers have the ability to create a form of anti-friction tunnel that can receive large quantities of cargo between two points as long as there is no obstruction between them. The enormous rate of speed achievable led to their being nicknamed 'warp' towers, after the fictitious faster-than-light travel from Old Earth entertainment.

Artifacts that prefer this building[edit | edit source]

Image Artifact name
Suspended Animation Chamber artifact (Rising Tide).png Suspended Animation Chamber
Near-Lightspeed Accelerator artifact (Rising Tide).png Near Lightspeed Accelerator
Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze artifact (Rising Tide).png Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze
High-Mass Friction Welder artifact (Rising Tide).png High Mass Friction Welder
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