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Water is very important to any civilization and can be found in many forms.

Fresh waterEdit

Fresh water is very important for your growth and you should always try to secure access to some for your cities. A city is considered to have access to fresh water if it is settled next to it. Mousing over a tile with tooltips enabled will tell you if it has fresh water.

Fresh water allows you to do the following:

  • Cities settled next to any fresh water source may construct a Garden. They may also build Water Mills and Hydro Plants if the source is a river.
  • Farms built near fresh water will yield 1 additional 20xFood5 Food with Civil Service. Farms without fresh water don't get that bonus until Fertilizer is researched.
  • Allows you to build Farms on hills and tundra if fresh water is present.

Traversing waterEdit

Many water tiles can only be traversed by ships or embarked units.

Sources of waterEdit

Name Type Fresh water Ground movement
Coast (Civ5) Coast Terrain No No
Ocean (Civ5) Ocean Terrain No No
Lakes (Civ5) Lakes Terrain Yes No
Oasis (Civ5) Oasis Feature Yes Yes
Rivers (Civ5) Rivers Feature Yes Yes*

* Traversing a river usually costs all remaining movement points, unless a bridge is present.

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