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The Water Park is a specialty District District in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, dedicated to providing happiness and Amenities Amenities to your empire. It requires the Natural History civic and must be built on a Coast or Lake tile adjacent to land.


The following buildings can be constructed in a Water Park:


  • Bread and Circuses (Coastal): City project which increases the Loyalty pressure that this city exerts on itself and other cities nearby. While active, each of your Citizen Citizens here exert +1 (or +0.5) Loyalty pressure to this city. This pressure also affects other cities within 9 tiles, but is 10% less effective per tile. Once completed, instantly gain +20 Loyalty in this city.


The Water Park serves the same purpose as an Entertainment Complex, with three key differences: it is built on the water instead of the land, the Amenities Amenities bonuses of its buildings extend farther, and its buildings provide additional bonuses to Tourism Tourism and Science Science (prior to the March 2018 Update, in which Entertainment Complex buildings receive similar bonuses). It's particularly useful for seafaring civilizations like England and Indonesia, who tend to settle on foreign continents and remote islands and may have difficulty maintaining the Loyalty of their cities as they grow. Water Parks are also a great way to get usage out of small lakes within your borders.

Civilopedia entry[]

Throughout history, one of the most popular activities in a city has been to leave it when the summer gets hot. As public transportation offered cooler options to a broader range of people during the Industrial Revolution, beach resort towns saw a boom in their popularity, and expanded their range of offerings to include amenities like boardwalks and amusement park rides in addition to the beach (or lake, or big river, or whatever local water feature… featured) and boating. What was once the domain of only the rich and powerful is now available to millions, and as the sun rises, the water park opens to keep people entertained and cool against the summer sun.


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