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Water Refinery
Water Refinery (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 150 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Biochemistry
Specialist slots None
Effect +1 Food from Ocean
+1 Production from Ocean
Notes +1 Food Food and +1 Production Production from Water tiles.


Water Refineries provide +1 Food Food in the Base game, but +1 Production Production in Rising Tide.


On Old Earth the term “aquifer” refers to a substratum of water-bearing permeable rock; on this planet, the colonists used “water plants” (deep-well pumping stations) to extract water from these deep underground layers. Having somewhat less free fresh water than Earth, it was found that water requirements for agricultural, industrial and human use often exceeded availability on the surface. Thus, in many places it became necessary to drive or drill wells to bring useable water to the surface from aquifers, where water plants purified the liquid of the many contaminants found in it on this planet. The first step in the placing of some settlements was the use of sophisticated seismographic equipment by xeno-geologists to identify promising locations; using a variety of drilling methods – top-head rotary bits, lasers, masers and other forms of high-energy fracturing – a deep-rock well was driven down to the aquifer. Once capped, through a variety of filtration and chemical methods, the water plant removed the suspended particulates, parasites, fungi, chlorine and minerals. The well head and plant were protected by the construction of an enclosed structure to regulate flow and storage. In many settlements, the water plant was, for many years, the single most important structure for the residents, for without it there would be no settlement.