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Weight in the free game C-evo is a vital factor in the design of military units.

Each type of unit - air, ground, or naval - has weight limits at various stages of the nation's scientific development. Additional advances may increase the limits.

Attack modules, defence modules, speed enhancements, and other unit features take up part of the weight quota.

Unit features with weight implications[]

Unit Capacities[]

  • Air Transport: 2
  • Armor (per module: 2 for ground units, 1 for air or naval
  • Bombs: 1
  • Carrier: 2
  • Fuel: 1
  • Mobility: 1 per 0.5 increment
  • Sea Transport: 2
  • Turbines: 3
  • Weapons: 1 per module

Special Features[]

  • Air Defence: 1
  • Alpine: 2
  • Artillery: 1
  • Spy Plane: 2
  • Stealth: 1
  • Submarine: 2
  • Supply Ship: 1

Advances for maximum weight of future air unit designs[]

Advances for maximum weight of future ground unit designs[]

  • 5: Warrior Code, which also allows Barracks, which heal ground units faster and out of which all units start hardened, i.e. with 50% more strength than the basic unit
  • 7: Horseback Riding (which adds nothing to the cost multiplier, so is a good option to wait for)
  • 10: Automobile (which takes a very long time to reach)

So for most of the first half of a game the weight limit is 7.

Advances for maximum weight of future naval unit designs[]

  • 5: Map Making
  • 7: Seafaring
  • 9: Steel (which is a significant advance for ground units too)