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All military units built in a city with a West Point building begin with four additional experience points. Further, its city is more likely to generate a Great Spy.

Civilopedia entry[]

Methods of passing down the tactics and arts of war from generation to generation vary based on culture and era. The United States' solution, which up to that point relied on foreign instructors, lay in creating the United States Military Academy, located at West Point, New York. Established in 1802 on the site of an 18th-century fortress, West Point went on to train most of the nation's military leaders. Cadets are selected for training via a diverse number of methods, including competitive and non-competitive methods. Graduates earn the commission of Second Lieutenants and receive a Bachelor of Science degree. One paramount function of this institution is to stay current in the practice of warfare, typically by having officers from previous conflicts become instructors.

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