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Whales is a Resource type in Civilization II.


  • Food: 2 Food (Civ2).png
  • Shields: 2 Shield (Civ2).png
  • Trade: 3 Trade (Civ2).png

Increases the amount of Food produced in Ocean Terrain from 1 to 2, increases Shields from 0 to 2, and increases trade from 2 to 3

Civilopedia entry[]

Whaling, the hunting and killing of whales for oil and other byproducts, was practiced as an organized industry as early as 875 AD. By the 16th century, it had risen to be the principle industry in the coastal regions of Spain and France. The industry spread throughout the world, and became increasingly profitable in terms of trade and resources. Some regions of the world's oceans, along the animals' migration routes, had a particularly dense whale population, and became the targets for large concentrations of whaling ships, and the industry continued to grow well into the 20th century. The depletion of some whale species to near extinction led to the banning of whaling in many countries by 1969, and to a worldwide cessation of whaling as an industry in the late 1980's.

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