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Whales Whales are a luxury resource in Civilization VI. They are found on Coastal Water.


Whales Whales are one of four water-based luxury resources (after the addition of Amber Amber and Turtles Turtles). The Production Production and Gold Gold bonuses from them can help coastal cities develop rapidly.

Civilopedia entry[]

Whales have been hunted nearly to extinction for their meat, blubber, ambergris, oil, and bones (best not to be too useful to the dominant species). Whales have been hunted commercially since the 17th Century, but commercial whaling is now banned by several international commissions … although Norway, Iceland, Japan, and others have continued to license whaling vessels. The beasts also loom large in the folklore of several civilizations, and who can forget the 1851 novel 'Moby Dick.'

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