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Wilhelmina (31 August 1880 – 28 November 1962) was Queen of the Netherlands from 1890 until her abdication in 1948. She leads the Dutch in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.


Queen Wilhelmina, you will defend the Netherlands to the last. Turn coastland into farmland with Dutch ingenuity. Your citizens will farm with efficiency, knowing that they are under the protection of your mighty warships. Above all, trade with everyone you meet. A good deal can turn a foe into a friend—and if not, the money will fund your opposition.


Wilhelmina's unique agenda is called "Billionaire." She likes civilizations that send TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to her cities frequently and dislikes civilizations that do not send TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to her cities.

Her leader ability is called "Radio Oranje." It provides +1 Identity per turn to cities that create domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes and +1 Civ6Culture Culture from international TradeRoute6 Trade Routes.

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Wilhelmina is voiced by Romy Snoeijers. She speaks Dutch.



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Civilization VI- Rise and Fall – First Look- Netherlands

Civilization VI- Rise and Fall – First Look- Netherlands

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