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Wines are luxury resources that makes content people happy in cities that are connected to them by a trade route, and can also be traded to other civilizations. Wines can be found in Grassland, Plains, and Hills and generate an extra 1 food and 1 commerce on their squares.

Building a Marketplace in a connected city enhances the happiness bonus provided by Wines and other luxury resources.


Wine, a beverage made from fermented grapes, was first produced as early as 6000 BC. Its use spread throughout the Middle East and Egypt, and it quickly became a popular beverage of the ancient world. The grapes used for the making of wine are grown in many different regions of the world. Most vineyards are located in hills and valleys of temperate regions. Wine making as an industry has been perfected over several centuries. Many regions such as the Rhine and Loire valleys of Europe are well know for their fine wines, and derive a significant portion of their economy from wine making.

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