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Wine Wine is a luxury resource in Civilization VI. It is found on both Grassland and Plains, and in Woods.


With the Goddess of Festivals pantheon, Wine Wine provides an impressive +3 Food Food and +3 Gold Gold when improved. Even without this pantheon, its +2 Food Food bonus can help spur a city's growth.

Civilopedia entry[]

'In vino, veritas.' In wine, truth. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fruit, honey, rice, and just about anything else that can be fermented. Archaeological evidence shows that wine was being produced from grapes as long ago as the Neolithic Age in the Zagros Mountains. Wine was so highly thought of that it became the staple in many religious ceremonies, national celebrations, and the dinner parties of effete snobs throughout history.

Related achievements[]

Loire Valley
Loire Valley
Create 5 Châteaux in one city with the Wine resource.
The Loire Valley in France is famous for its Châteaux and its vineyards.
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