The ability to withdraw allows an attacking military unit that would otherwise be destroyed to live.

Withdrawal in combat Edit

When a military unit attacks, and is about to be destroyed, it has a chance to withdraw instead. Battle happens in multiple rounds, each of which can damage a unit. Once the unit is sufficiently weak that there is a possibility that its opponent will kill it in the next round, the check for withdrawal happens. If the check succeeds, the attacking unit withdraws. That fight is immediately ended, with neither the attacker or defender destroyed. The attacking unit gains 1 experience for the fight (Experience_From_Withdrawl (sic) inside GlobalDefines.xml)

Units with withdrawal Edit

The following units have an inherent chance to withdraw:

Promotions Edit

  • The two flanking promotions both increase the chance to withdraw.
  • There is a special promotion, Tactics, available only to units with a merged Great General. It gives a +30% withdrawal chance.
  • Guerrilla III gives a 50% withdrawal chance.
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