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Wolin is a militaristic city-state in Civilization VI. It was added in the Babylon Pack.


Wolin's Suzerain bonus provides Great General Great General and Great Admiral Great Admiral points from kills. This gives it strong synergy with warmongers, particularly Alexander's Macedon and Babylon. Alexander's Hetairoi already earns extra Great General Great General points from kills and receives additional Strength Combat Strength from them, so Wolin's Suzerain bonus will allow him to attract Great Generals one after the other and launch a powerful cavalry assault after researching Horseback Riding. Babylon, on the other hand, tends to unlock new units quickly thanks to its civilization ability; as a result, Babylonian Great Generals have a much shorter period of relevancy than those of other civilizations (since each Great General's bonuses affects only units from its era and the following era). Wolin lets them quickly earn a new Great General with knowledge that can be applied to their advanced units, even when Babylon has little incentive to build a lot of Encampments.

Notably, Wolin is a lot less relevant to civilizations that focus on naval warfare. The Harbor, unlike the Encampment, is a powerful district with a lot of applications, and these civilizations will often build Harbors in every single city, especially when playing on water-heavy maps. As a result, they'll have little to no trouble earning Great Admirals. Brazil is an exception here: despite having neither a coastal starting bias nor good incentives to build Harbors en masse, becoming the Suzerain of Wolin can be useful for Brazil if they plan to be aggressive with their Minas Geraes.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Slavs were one of a number of European groups – what the Romans, Greeks, and Byzantines called “barbarians” that appeared on the European scene towards the end of the Roman Empire. Appearing to the east of the Germans, the Slavs settled across Eastern Europe and became the majority in multiple states: Russia, Poland, Czechia, among others. Wolin was one of their earliest settlements, situated on an island just off the Polish coast.

On the Baltic Sea, Wolin was an early Slav settlement that formed a key trading point during the 10th and 11th centuries and a military outpost for a number of different groups. As Viking ships began to plow the Baltic, settlements such as Wolin grew increasingly important for commerce (Vikings weren’t just about plunder!) as well as a base for military excursions. With Christianization, the town waned in power and influence – repeat plundering by Danish forces didn’t help, but in the later Middle Ages, the city became one of the city-states of the Holy Roman Empire. It constituted a part of the important region of Pomerania, a medieval state that incorporated Germans as well as Slavs.

The city changed hands through conquest and succession, being occupied by Sweden, the Teutonic Knights and, eventually, Prussia – that state which is the predecessor for modern-day Germany. When the Soviets defeated Germany in World War II, Wolin transferred hands yet again, this time to modern-day Poland.

Today, Wolin is famous for its wildlife preserve, where some of the last European bison can be found, as well as a yearly Viking festival, celebrating the town’s martial history.


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