Wonders in Sid Meier's Starships directly help your ships get the upper hand in battles. Each planet may be able to build one particular wonder, or no wonder at all. The "building plans" are not, however, unique across the galaxy, but multiple planets may have the possibility to build the same wonder. Only one copy of each wonder may exist in the entire galaxy, though. It follows that you cannot count on eventually being able to build a certain wonder just because you control a planet that can build that wonder. Another faction may also control a planet that can build that wonder, and they may build it before you do. Wonders are paid in Metal just like normal planetary improvements.

Name Description
Cloaking (Starships) Cloaking Ship Stealth Modules are always active.
Convergent Light (Starships) Convergent Light Your laser fire now has a longer range.
Damage Control (Starships) Damage Control You no longer take critical hits.
Dual Command (Starships) Dual Command You may fire your weapon and take another action or take two actions per turn in addition to movement.
Glide Path (Starships) Glide Path Impulse power now provides 3 more moves instead of 1.
Great Shipyard (Starships) Great Shipyard Repair costs are reduced by 50%.
Hyperlaunch (Starships) Hyperlaunch Your fighters have full initial movement on launch.
Intelli-Shields (Starships) Intelli-Shields Your shields are fully effective regardless of your facing.
Jump Start (Starships) Jump Start You move first in all battles.
Naval College (Starships) Naval College You receive three Battle Cards at a time.
Naval Tradition (Starships) Naval Tradition Your crew operates at full effectiveness in battles.
Reactive Armor (Starships) Reactive Armor Your ships no longer take damage from torpedoes.
Redundant Systems (Starships) Redundant Systems Your ships automatically repair 50% damage per turn.
Repulsors (Starships) Repulsors Your ship can pass through narrow passages in asteroid fields.
Stealth Torpedo (Starships) Stealth Torpedo Your torpedoes are undetectable after they are launched.
Tight Squeeze (Starships) Tight Squeeze Your fighters can move through asteroids.
Torpedo Boosters (Starships) Torpedo Boosters Your torpedoes move faster.
Warp Control (Starships) Warp Control Gain control of tactical jumps through wormholes.
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