Woodsman IEdit

Woodsman (Civ4) I
Woodsman I (Civ4)
Requires Nothing
Leads to Woodsman II
Available to Recon, Melee, Gunpowder
  • +20% Jungle Defense
  • +20% Forests Defense

This promotion means that the unit, if defending in woodlands or jungles, will be 20% stronger.

The Jaguar unique unit for the Aztec and the Explorer recon unit both start with this promotion. No others do.

Woodsman IIEdit

Woodsman (Civ4) II
Woodsman II (Civ4)
Requires Woodsman I
Leads to Woodsman III
Available to Recon, Melee, Gunpowder
  • +30% Jungle Defense
  • +30% Forests Defense
  • Double Movement in Jungle and Forests

This promotion will make the unit 50% stronger if defending in jungle or forest tiles. More importantly, it will allow the unit to move twice as fast in those tiles. For units with 2 or more moves, this stacks with Mobility for even further movement.

This promotion is commonly used to assist choke tactics, using a fast-moving melee unit to pillage and retreat into favourable terrain.

Woodsman IIIEdit

Woodsman (Civ4) III
Woodsman III (Civ4)
Requires Woodsman II
Leads to Nothing
Available to Recon, Melee, Gunpowder

This promotion will mean that the unit with it will be not only 50% better at defending forest and jungle units than an unpromoted unit, but also at attacking them. This is useful to counter another Woodsman unit or a well-defended wooded point.

On top of that, the healing effect is like a free and more potent Medic I promotion - 15% vs 10%, but it also stacks. Woodsman III and Medic I will heal the same as Medic III, (except on tiles adjacent to the healer) and doesn't require a Great General. Of course, these can all stack together for a massive bonus, and make a particularly potent healer.

Finally, 2 first strikes helps reduce the risk of your super-Medic dying if they attack (and it makes it even better at attacking woods)

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