Worker (CivBE)
Non-Combat Unit in Beyond Earth
Required Habitation (CivBE) Habitation
Moves Moves (CivBE) 2
Base Unit Strength 20xStrengthBE 0

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Game InfoEdit

Civilian Unit. Constructs improvements on the land, increasing the effectiveness of tiles when worked by a City's population.


The Worker can construct roads and improvements to increase a civilization's productivity. It is a civilian unit, so it must rely on military units to protect it from hostile opponents and aliens.

Note that the Worker can also construct improvements on water tiles. Unlike in Civilization V, you don't need a separate water unit for this; simply embark your Worker and move it over the resource.

Workers cost 200 20xEnergyBE Energy to purchase.

Civilopedia Entry

If Colonists are the heart of a colony, then Workers are the blood. Workers allow a colony to utilize terrain by building improvements. Not only that, they have the ability to remove Miasma from terrain, increasing its usefulness. As a colony grows technologically, so do its Workers, who will eventually gain the ability to add Miasma or even build the Terrascape improvement.


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