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Workers can stack on a single tile, and all work on the same task, completing it much faster than a single worker.

Building a Worker[]

A city that builds a Worker loses one citizen from its population.

Worker Jobs[]

Main article: Worker Action (Civ3)

Workers can improve the countryside to make it more productive, by changing Terrain and building Improvements. The efficiency of a worker (how quickly it works) depends upon its government type.

Captured Workers from foreign civilizations work half as fast compared to native workers.

Joining a City[]

A worker may also be used to increase the population of an existing city; when the worker is active on a city, click the "Join City" button. The worker disappears and the city's population gains one citizen. If the worker was a foreign worker that was captured, the new citizen's nationality will be of whatever civilization they were captured from. Your own workers may be captured and used by rival civilizations.

Civilopedia entry[]

In primitive, hunter-gatherer cultures, there was no division of labor. But every civilization since has had a worker "class," devoted to the production of goods and the unskilled tasks necessary for the maintenance of society. In most early societies, slaves and peasants fulfilled this role. With the coming of the Middle Ages, the more specialized workers organized themselves into craft guilds. The technological advances of the Industrial Age gave rise to a new class of semi-skilled workers: wage laborers, most of which worked in factories and offices. Continuing trends in the specialization and professionalism of labor during the late 20th century has not altered the fact, however, that civilization still rests upon the shoulders of those who till the fields and build the roads.

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