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World's Fair completion art (Civ5)

World's Fair completion art

The World's Fair is an International Project in Brave New World. As such, it can only be initiated via the respective Resolution in the World Congress. It consists of organizing and conducting a world exhibition, where all nations showcase their cultural and scientific prowess. Once accepted, the international community starts organizing the Fair, which is done in practice by contributing Production Production towards it in cities around the world. When completed, the Fair is held and the contributors receive their respective rewards.

Game Info[]

International Project. Benefits nations which contribute to it as follows:

  • 20xTrophyGold5 Hosted Fair (Highest contributor): Culture Empire Culture +100% for 20 turns
  • 20xTrophySilver5 Groundbreaking Invention (350 Production Production or more): Free Social Policy
  • 20xTrophyBronze5 Exhibitor (175 Production Production or more): 500 points towards next 20xGoldenAge5 Golden Age

The minimum Production Production requirement for each reward assumes the game is being played in standard settings (Standard map with 8 civilizations and Standard game speed).


The World's Fair Resolution is available immediately upon the founding of the World Congress. Its rewards will benefit any civilization. If you think you can win the race, it is well worth trying to enact this in the early stages of the World Congress, as it often comes around the time you are trying to get your first Factories and ideology. Winning the World's Fair can allow you grab those ideological tenets you really want.

The current completion status for the World's Fair can be determined by mousing over a city's corresponding World's Fair production icon from the world map. It shows the total percentage of the project that has been completed, and the player's specific contribution to it.

It is possible to calculate to minimum production required to obtain the First Place (Gold) reward. The total production needed to complete the World's Fair is[1]

(value of production to qualify for Second Place) * (number of civilizations that started the game)

For example, in a game with 8 starting civs, and a Second Place (Silver) qualifying value of 350, the total production needed is 350 * 8 = 2800 hammers. Therefore, by contributing over 4 times the Second Place reward to the World's Fair - in this case, 1401 hammers - the First Place reward is guaranteed.

Though the exact production values necessary can be calculated and precisely attained, there may be an advantage to switching all possible production to the World's Fair (and other such Congressional events). By so completely dominating contribution to the project, the player may be able to not only win First Place, but also prevent other civs from reaching even the Third Place (Bronze) threshold, and thus receiving any bonus.


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