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Game Info[]

Center for poetry and drama; provides the means for producing Great Writers.


In Brave New World, Great Writers are produced in a new way — not through the generic Specialist Specialists placed in your cultural buildings (Amphitheater, Opera House, etc.), but solely through the Writers' Guild. Just like the Artists' and Musicians' Guilds, it doesn't require all your cities to have a specific building — once you research Drama and Poetry, you can build a Writers' Guild. However, you should carefully decide which city to build it in, since it will be the only means of producing this particular type of Great Person.

The Writers' Guild is like a national wonder in that there can only be one in your empire, but it does not have other building prerequisites, and the cost does not increase based on the number of cities in the empire.

Civilopedia entry[]

Although never as influential as contemporary artists' guilds, guild organizations for writers were created with the advent of the printing press in the Renaissance. Both formal and informal organizations seeking to insure that authors were fairly compensated by printers and booksellers sprang up in a number of European cities. In Shakespeare's London and elsewhere, playwrights banded together to protect their profits from plagiarism and unlicensed performances. Although more trade unions than guilds, today the tradition is carried on by hundreds of organizations around the world, such as the Scriptwriters Guild of Israel, Writers Guild of Great Britain, and the American Authors Guild.

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