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Xeno Sanctuary
Xeno Sanctuary (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 330 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires 5 Harmony Harmony
1 Xenomass Xenomass
Alien Ethics
Specialist slots None
Effect +4 Culture Culture
Notes Adds one point per turn to Transcendence Victory progress.

A Xeno Sanctuary has similar effects to a Holosuite.


In time, as on Old Earth, the indigenous flora and fauna came under intense pressure from the expanding colonial settlements on this new world. Concerned about preserving the uniqueness of this planet’s lifeforms, several settlements began an effort to protect it in some manner. In places zoos were built containing both reconstituted species from Old Earth and specimens of the native “aliens.” In others, the approach was to create a xeno sanctuary, wildlife preserves of the sort that date back to the 3rd Century BC on the homeworld. In these sanctuaries, usually located on or near the settlement’s outskirts for ease of access by the populace, an area was surrounded by concentration fields able to contain the wildlife, fields that extended below the surface and above to form a high barrier. The area was extensive enough to allow a stable ecosystem within; if necessary, indigenous flora and fauna were transplanted into the sanctuary. A xeno sanctuary serves several purposes for the host settlement. It provides a field laboratory for colonial zoologists and ecologists; it heightens public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of this world; it serves as inspiration for artists and media productions; and it reminds new generations of humanity’s struggle to master this world far from Old Earth. Ironically, as the “wild outlands” have diminished, xeno sanctuaries have also become a mecca for those following the path of creeds that incorporate animism into their dogma; the profound impact of encountering nature for the first time on these pilgrims is not to be discounted in colonial society.