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Xenofuel Plant
Xenofuel Plant (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 190 Production
Maintenance None
Requires 2 Harmony Harmony
Xenomass Xenomass near the city
Alien Sciences
Specialist slots 2 Traders
Effect +3 Energy Energy
+1 Energy from Xenomass Xenomass
Notes None


The xenosciences led to many uses for native fauna, but perhaps the first important discovery was “xenofuel,” made from the ubiquitous Xenomass. Rich in recent carbon fixation, Xenomass can be converted to xenofuel through thermal, chemical and/or biochemical processes in colonial refining plants. Most of these processes were developed on Old Earth, although cultural and economic lassitude caused few biofuel plants to be built before the Great Mistake, when the ecological disaster promoted research into ever more efficient processes. For example, one of the first xenofuel plants made xeno-ethanol through fermentation from carbohydrates found in some indigenous fauna. Currently, the most common and least expensive xenofuel being produced is xeno-diesel, made from Xenomass using transesterification; latest figures put planetwide production at 205 billion liters. Recently, methods have been devised by researchers to create cellulosic ethanol from the lignocellulose found in many of the native grasses, and engineers are designing power plants to convert the ethanol to electricity. Xenofuel production is vital to colonial success, and most settlements have a xenofuel plant of some sort, large or small, operating at near capacity. Although some colonial scientists have raised concerns about the land-use change due to emissions from xenofuel production, these have largely been dismissed by colonial administrators to date.