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Xenonova (CivBE).pngXenonova
Xenonova wonder (CivBE).png
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 1150 Production
Maintenance None
Requires 4 Xenomass Xenomass
Alien Materials
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes Penalties from negative [ICON_HEALTH_4] Health Levels reduced by 50%.

The Xenonova reduces the penalties for overall Health Unhealth.


"See the planet as a mother who loves her children and nourishes their growth, and much of this new world becomes less mysterious." - Samatar Jama Barre, This is Not Exile


One of the first observations made by biologists on arriving on the planet was the incredible regenerative capabilities of the lifeforms that lived on it. In due course, this led to the discovery of planetary metasymbiosis, the mutual interdependencies of many species across cellular and species levels. Miasma, a natural by-product of xenomass, was found to complement the functioning of native immune systems. There were many early attempts to replicate the effects of miasma on injury, but they proved to be dead ends. Nonetheless, researchers held out hopes that a system could be found that complemented human physiological healing and growth at multiple levels.

As the biological complexities of xenomass were teased apart, a new series of experiments looked at modifying human bacterial symbiotes into performing the same role as the particles within the miasma. A series of "jumbo eukaryotes" were developed, some large enough to be seen with the naked eye. When teased and manipulated genetically, some of these were found to perform as miniature organs for filtering pollutants and bolstering the production of immune cells without producing dangerous immuno-overreactions. Although better suited for plants than people, they were capable of promoting incredible growth and health in crops. But best of all, these bacteria proved adept at co-opting some of the chemistry of the xenomass, and in a few short generations the Xenonova was developed.

Xenonova is sometimes described as "the miracle drug," which is incredibly inaccurate. Xenonova is not a drug, but a complex, symbiotic ecosystem of designer organisms which is overlaid on a plant host to boost growth, improve nutrient retention, and allow the plant to thrive in untreated soil. The ubiquity of Xenonova is a critical part of the success of the human colonies on this world. It was only through the adoption of planetary biosystemics that human beings were able to create plants whose output exceeded those of Old Earth.

Even better, the plants' yields are free from the genetic contaminants found in many Old Earth strains. They retain a better selection of nutrients, thus making the food far healthier than any found before. It is a testament to the power of the Xenonova that we hardly think of its power today, we well-fed, healthy descendants of those who brought a few sparse kernels of yellow corn from the old world.

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