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Game InfoEdit

Unique air unit of the Japanese civilization. Replaces the Fighter.

  • Common abilities:
    • Air Recon: 6 tiles in every direction always visible.
    • Interception (100)
    • Air Sweep: Can Air Sweep to clear intercepting Units
    • Bonus vs Bomber Units/Helicopters (150)
  • Special abilities:
    • Bonus vs Fighters (33)
  • Special traits:
    • Doesn't require 20xOil Oil
  • Actions:
    • Air Sweep: Order the unit to sweep an area for air and ground-based interceptors, clearing the way for future air strikes.
    • Rebase Mode: Order the air unit to rebase to another city or a Carrier.
    • Intercept: This air unit order will tell the craft to attempt interception with any incoming air attacks.


The Zero is essentially a super-fighter. Although it isn't stronger in general terms, it lacks armor and, being lightweight, doesn't require the Oil resource! Also for that reason it is more maneuverable than any aircraft in the skies whatsoever, which conveys it a bonus versus the most dangerous adversary against other aircraft: the Fighter. It affords the Japanese an undisputed mastery over the skies in the Atomic and early Information Eras. Use it to clear out enemy anti-air resistance, then sweep in with Bombers to obliterate the enemy ground forces! 

Civilopedia entryEdit

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was the fighter aircraft used by Japan throughout World War II. Designed to fight from an aircraft carrier, at the start of World War II the Zero was the best carrier-based fighter in the world. Combining maneuverability and long range, the Zero was excellent at dog-fighting, easily out-flying the inferior American and British aircraft. As the war progressed the Allied fighters dramatically improved while the Japanese air force suffered from increasing material and manpower shortages, and by war's end the Zero was overmatched. But at its height the Zero was a great fighter indeed, dominating the vast Pacific theatre.

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