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For the unit in Zombie Defense, see Zombie (Civ6).

The Zombie Horde is a melee unit from the Red Death scenario in Civilization VI, added in the June 2020 Update. It is the Zombie faction's unique unit, and can be also spawned by the Barbarians.

  • Attributes:
    • Automatically takes damage each turn (Decay damage).
    • Cannot heal by normal means. Heals upon killing a unit, earning a Promotion Promotion, or activating City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops.
    • Creates a new Zombie Horde upon killing a non-zombie enemy unit in combat.
    • Can sense the closest unseen enemy unit in an 8-hex radius.
    • +5 Strength Combat Strength when defending against ranged attacks.
    • Does not suffer combat penalties when damaged.
    • Follows a unique promotion table.

Related achievements[]

They're coming to get you, Barbara
They're coming to get you, Barbara
Zombie Beastmasters - Spawn 30 Zombie Hordes through combat kills.
A quote from the zombie film Night of the Living Dead.