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Zoroaster is a Classical Era Great Prophet in Civilization VI. He may be activated at any Holy Site or on the Stonehenge wonder to found a Religion.

Civilopedia Entry Edit

Born of a “priestly family,” a direct descendant in the royal line of Manushcihar, upon his birth Zoroaster supposedly laughed instead of crying when the god Ahura Mazda descended from heaven to greet him. His message was simple: lead a moral life that would pave the way for eternal bliss … and follow the monotheistic doctrines of the God of Righteousness, Ahura Mazda.

At the age of 16, Zoroaster was already indifferent to all worldly pleasures … miraculous among teenagers. At the age of 20 he left his home to lead a life of poverty and virtue, wandering about preaching not just in the cities of ancient Iran but the forests and mountains as well. Spending a lot of time in meditation and reflection, on the summit of Mount Sabatam he experienced communion with his god and enjoyed (or perhaps suffered) seven divine, prophetic visions. For the rest of his life, Zoroaster would have conversations with the “Beneficent Immortals” (archangels). And he conquered Ahriman, the Satan of Zoroastrianism. And composed the Gathas, 17 hymns that expounding the divine essences. All this around 600 BC, according to writers such as Plutarch and Diogenes.

Zoroaster also took on the followers of various cults, the Kavis and the Karpan. Their priests turned Vishtasp, the king of Iran, against Zoroaster. But when the latter did not die of starvation in prison – despite not being fed – due to the intercession of his god, the king saw the light. Even more so when the prophet saved the life of the king’s much-beloved black horse. The conversion of the royal family set off a war with the nearby kingdom of Turan, lasting several years. In the process, Zoroaster was killed by one Bratrok-resh, a Turanian, while praying in the Fire Temple at Nush-Adar.

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